10 beauty tips for that alluring date night look

VALENTINE’S Day is around the corner, which can only mean one thing…love is in the air! Cupid’s bow is ready to work its magic and if you ask us, there is no better time for a date night than this time of the year.

Whether you are in search of a new spark or looking to ignite a romance with your significant other, it’s all about looking your best on a date.

Dates almost always set off butterflies in the pit of our stomach. But you know what helps calm the nerves? When you look oh-so-fine. Here are some beauty tips to be alluring all night long.

Prepare your skin  

For a healthy glow, be sure to prep your skin the night before with a good skincare routine. Thoroughly cleanse, properly tone and lather on that moisturiser. Use a sheet mask to help your makeup apply easier the next day.

Calm nerves with a relaxing bath

Calm down the pre-date jitters with a luxurious shower. Take this time for a full body scrub and incorporate aromatic body oil into your bath time. More than just helping you relax, a body oil also helps with softening your skin.

Nourish the skin

Nothing sends an alluring physical signal like soft and supple skin. Be sure to butter up your body with a nourishing body lotion. Some lotions come with super pleasant scent that helps with your hotness factor.

Keep things silky smooth

While we’re on the subject of smooth skin, don’t forget to shave your legs. It will lend more confidence as you show off those sleek legs in a pretty little black dress.

Early makeup prep 

Have you heard about the early girl who catches the hot date? No? Well, it’s always a good idea to start prepping your makeup early anyway. This will help your foundation to settle in beautifully before you leave home.

Prime for long-lasting makeup 

Chances are if you are having a good time, you would want the date to last all night long. And for a long-lasting makeup look, using a primer is tres important. 

Kiss-proof those lips

We get the appeal of soft and kissable lips. But it is also equally important to keep things practical. Go for a long-lasting lipstick that also don’t smudge easily. The last thing you want is for the colour to transfer onto your poor date’s lips.

Enchant with your eyes

The eyes are the perfect accomplice for whatever tricks you have up you’re sleeves. Whether you’re thinking of charming him full on with a forward gaze or act more mysterious, lend your eyes more definition with the help of a volumising mascara.

Prepare for touch-ups

Keep a compact powder in hand for those moments when your look for the night needs a quick touching up. A translucent powder should keep you looking fresh face throughout the date.

Show off a dazzling smile 

When all is said and done, nothing is more alluring than a set of a beautiful smile. Good dental hygiene would encapsulate floss and brushing. But if you’re looking for that extra sparkle, look out for teeth whitening strips.