7 Things You Should Know Before Getting Contact Lenses

Getting your first pair of contact lenses can be an exciting but intimidating experience. It is a great option for those who don’t want to wear glasses all the time and are not willing to go for vision correction surgery like Lasik. It’s important to consider how contacts will fit into your lifestyle and whether you are prepared for the commitment. Read on to learn about the seven things you should know before getting contact lenses. 

1. Be prepared for the eye exam 

First you need to have a contact lens examination by an eye doctor or optometrist. This exam is designed specifically to fit you with your contacts, so this exam will measure the size of your eyeballs, check your vision prescription and determine whether your eyes are healthy enough to wear contacts. It is more lengthy and thorough that your regular eye checkup so leaves ample time. 

2. Practice makes perfect 

There can be serious complications if contact lenses are not used correctly. After all, they are considered a medical device. So during your exam, you will be taught how to put in your contacts and how to take them out correctly. Don’t be discouraged if it takes you an ultra-long time to put it in and out. Practice makes perfect and one day you will be a pro! 

3. Trim your nails and skip the eye makeup 

Short nails reduce the chance of you scratching your eyeballs. Make sure your nails are clean and smooth with no jagged edges too. Eventually you will be able to put on and remove your contacts with your preferred nail length, but when you’re getting started it’s best to trim them

4. There are many types of lenses 

Soft lenses, hard lenses, daily lenses, toric lenses and 30 day lenses are some of the many types of lenses, all with different lifespans. Your eye doctor or optometrist will fit you with one that suits your lifestyle. It is completely normal to try different types of contacts until you find the perfect one.

5. It takes time to get used to it 

It’s not normal to have something stuck in your eye, so naturally it will take some time to get used to it. Give it two weeks. 

6. Avoid these newbie mistakes

Never swim, shower and sleep in your contacts. Don’t leave your contact lens case open, don’t ‘top up’ your contact lens solution and use them longer than they’re meant to be used. Always listen to your doctor’s instructions!     

7. It’s not for everyone 

With the range of contact lenses available today in the market, almost anyone can wear it. But some feel like contact lenses can be cumbersome or irritating in the eyes, while others simply prefer the ease of wearing glasses. Whichever is the case, never feel pressured to wear contact lenses as it is not for everyone. Rock your glasses with pride.