Double Cleansing, Should you do it?

WE have come so far in the world of beauty that these days, it is no longer enough to just wash your face with a good old facial cleanser and water. Also, the act of washing your face only once? Wait what, are you a savage? We can almost hear beauty editors fainting in the background.

All jokes aside, we are referring to the double cleansing method. More than just a fad, it is a movement that has garnered many followers and believers. Many would be familiar with the cleansing routine — the step where you remove all the grime and dirt on your face.

So, is double cleansing really necessary? Read on to find out if it is worthwhile to add an additional step to your cleansing routine.

So, what is double cleansing?

The practice itself is pretty self-explanatory: It is a two-step cleansing method where you cleanse your face twice. The first step involves an oil-based cleanser or micellar water, while the second step employs the use of a water-based cleanser. This effectively removes any traces of makeup, sunscreen and sebum on the surface of the skin.

What is an oil-based cleanser?

Many of us would have no problem distinguishing water-based cleansers, since most of the cleansers in the market and the ones we are already using are water-based. For the uninitiated, an oil-based cleanser is usually made up of a blend of skin-nourishing oils.

Oil-based cleansers tend to be more effective in getting rid of makeup, SPF and excess sebum from the skin. It does this by going deep into the pores of our skin to remove oils and bacteria.

What are the benefits of double cleansing?

Double cleansing is often credited for being helpful in removing the layer of makeup and sunscreen on the surface of your skin. With that layer off the surface of your skin, this will ensure a more thorough cleanse once you proceed with your water-based cleanser.

Secondly, a well-cleansed face can inadvertently increase the efficacy of the products you applied after cleansing. This is because all the nutrients and active ingredients can penetrate deeper into your pores and thus, improve the efficiency of your serums and moisturisers.

Who should double cleanse?

Anyone can tap into the benefits of the double cleanse. But for those who wear makeup and religiously lather on SPF, double cleansing has proved to be a crucial addition in one’s evening routine.

For city dwellers especially, the harsh urban pollutants and environment can be detrimental to the skin. Double cleansing can help to remove any grime and dirt after a long day of being out and about.

Lastly, when should you double cleanse?

Incorporate double cleansing into your evening beauty routine. This is a great way to remove your sunscreen and makeup at the end of the day.