Halal Beauty: Why is it Taking the World by Storm?

GONE are the days when halal beauty is confined to our beautiful Muslimah sisters. While it is true that it started off on a very niched note, halal beauty has gone on to become a fast-rising personal care trend across the region.

This is partly due to its natural approach and cruelty-free ideals. Those are concepts that we are sure many woke women and girls can certainly rally for.

Today, halal beauty is really popular in places like Indonesia and Malaysia. In fact, we have a number of homegrown (#MalaysiaBoleh) and successful halal brands such as Prettysuci, SimplySiti, SO.LEK and Orkid Cosmetics.

Still not sold on the concept of halal beauty? Read on and you might just find yourself to be a believer at the end of this post!

What makes a particular skincare and makeup halal?

The secret is in the ingredient. As cliche as this may sound, this aspect is especially true when it comes to the concept of halal beauty. Items catered to this particular market must not contain any alcohol, animal fat or harsh chemicals. The packaging, manufacturing as well as the way the products are distributed are also of importance. And to the relief of our furry friends, animal testing is strictly prohibited.

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The above sounds a lot like the vegan beauty concept…

Well, you wouldn’t be wrong to assume so. Both halal and vegan beauty are sort of similar, but there are some notable differences too. With halal beauty products, the inclusion of several animal-derived ingredients — keratin, lanolin and beeswax — are allowed since the animals are not harmed to obtain them. On the other hand, this would have gone against vegan beauty standards.

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Do I have to be a Muslim to use halal beauty items?

A short and quick answer is: No. Sure, halal cosmetics are created with our Muslimah sisters in mind. But in reality, everyone can use halal skincare and makeup. The main idea of halal beauty is its holistic approach towards clean and ethical ideals. If you stand for ethically fair and cruelty-free products; then halal beauty is for you too, regardless of your beliefs.

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What makes halal cosmetics superior?

This question really boils down to your own personal preferences as well as way of life. If you are someone who is passionate about living beings, then some practices in conventional makeup might irk you. For instance, you might notice carmine while going through the ingredient list of your lipstick. Carmine is actually a red pigment that is obtained from a crushed female cochineal insect. So yeah, go figure.

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Where can I buy halal beauty products?

With its growing popularity, halal beauty products are no longer confined to niched online sites or your local community flea market. Halal skincare and cosmetics these days are easily available at drugstores as well as beauty chains such as Sephora.