How to be a Savvy Beauty Shopaholic

ANY self-professed shopaholic can attest to this: That sense of happiness as you add that limited-edition sparkly eyeshadow palette or that brand new serum that promise eternal youth to the shopping cart.

Shopping, for better or worse, provides a kind of high that’s unlike any other highs. If only our credit card debt can also magically disappear…

Alas, it’s important to practice some prudence — especially during the holiday season when sales are aplenty.

We’re not saying that you should lock up your wallet in a safe and throw away the keys. Here’s a guide to becoming a smart and savvy beauty shopaholic.

Finish up your products 

Many of us are guilty of this. We almost never ever use up our moisturiser or foundation to the last drop. Before you rush out to get the latest beauty product, completely use up your existing stuff. More than preventing waste and helping you save, it will also help keep your vanity and makeup pouch clutter-free.

Try out samples

Before you purchase a full-sized product, it’s a wise idea to try out samples first. There’s no shame in walking up to a makeup counter and ask for some samples to try. Brands are usually very generous about letting customers try their stuff. By trying out samples first, you can avoid wasting money a full-sized item that might not suit your skin.

Buy multi-purpose products

There’s a galore of beauty products that do double duty. Did you know that some powder eye shadows double as blush? And some gel blushes can be used as lipstick too. Then there are also all-in-one essences that bundle up toner and lotion in one packaging.

Shop drugstore brands and ‘dupes’

There’s no denying the research and efficacy of luxurious beauty brands. But do keep your eyes out for drugstore brands and cheaper dupes too. A tip here is to do your research on skincare ingredients found within your favourite luxury beauty brands — and then lookout for those similar ingredients on cheaper brands.

Subscribe to those newsletters 

Combat FOMO and stay updated on the best deals by subscribing to the newsletter of your favourite shopping sites. You can be sure of being in the loop on great bargains. Remember to uncheck newsletters from your spam box.

Look out for special holidays

It’s usually a galore of deals during special holidays and events. Your favourite beauty e-commerce sites usually dole out fantastic promotions during celebrations like Christmas, Valentine and Chinese New Year. 

Use your loyalty points 

It pays to be loyal and your favourite stores usually have plenty of rewards for their ardent customers. A point reward system often let you exchange for cash vouchers or limited-edition samples. A tip here is to be mindful of the points’ expiry dates.

Buy bundle boxes

These are specially curated boxes that target specific skin concerns effects. The good thing about these packages is that you get a range of products at a fraction of the price than if you were to buy each product individually. Not only does it help you save, you also get items that are specially selected by beauty specialists.