How to Remove Your Makeup Completely

We’ve all heard that cleansing is the first step to any basic skincare routine. If you want to wake up with a glowing complexion, then removing your makeup before your night time skincare is an absolute must. But sometimes no matter how hard you wipe or rub, you just can’t seem to get that last bit of stubborn makeup off. So you’re left wondering just how exactly do you remove makeup effectively? Read on to find out how to remove makeup the right way. 

1. Use the right products 

Any regular cleanser won’t do when it comes to removing your makeup. Use a cleanser that is specifically designed to cleanse and simultaneously remove makeup such as a cleansing oil or a cleansing balm. Using the right type of makeup remover can also be an effective way to clean your makeup from your face. For instance, a micellar water or cleansing wipe is a good way to remove your base makeup like foundation and concealer, then use an oil-based makeup remover to remove more stubborn makeup on delicate areas such as the eyes and lips. Products that are specifically designed for this purpose will effectively break down and coax off the most stubborn of makeup. 

2. Use flat cotton pads 

If needed, always opt for flat cotton pads instead of round cotton balls, because the flat surface area can more effectively collect makeup from your face. Round cotton balls can break down during usage and leave fibres on your lashes and skin, which can lead to irritation. 

3. Take your time

Let the technology do the work. The slower you go, the better. Apply the makeup remover and let it sit for some time while you get other stuff done. This will thoroughly break down and soften the most stubborn of mascara and long wearing lipstick so that by the time you’re ready to wipe, it will slip off easily. Allowing the product time to work also ensures that you’re being gentle and not tugging on any delicate areas. 

4. Pay extra attention to the eyes

Mascara and eyeliner tend to accumulate on the edges of the eyelid and on the waterline, which can lead to eye irritation. Close your eyes and hold a cotton pad soaked with makeup remover against your eyelids and under your lashes. Give it time to dissolve then wipe away. You can also use a cotton swab to get to hard to reach areas. Consider using a makeup remover designed specifically for removing eye makeup.

5. Don’t forget your hairline 

If you did a good job with your foundation, then it would be blended seamlessly up to your hairline. It’s easy for makeup to accumulate on the hairline, leading to breakouts. So tie your hair away from your face so that you can cleanse your hairline. 

6. Finish off with skincare 

Now that your face is squeaky clean, it’s time to proceed with your nighttime skincare before catching some zzz’s.