The shaving tools guys never knew they needed until now

IN the world of male grooming, few experiences come close to that moment when you pick up a razor and embark on that first shave. And over the years, this rite of passage will go on to be an art form that the metrosexual male will try to perfect.

As with any good art, having the right tools can make or break appearances. The making of a sexy scruff goes beyond a good pair of razor. More often than not, the razor is accompanied by a host of other items.

We take a look at the arsenal of shaving tool a man should have in his grooming kit.

Beard template 

For five percentile of the male population who take their shaving experience seriously, this item should not come as a surprise. But for the rest of us, this novelty can elevate the appearance of that beard. A beard template is basically a guide that makes your beard more symmetrical. The trimming aid helps to perfect the cheek line, moustache line, neckline as well as the sides below the ears.

Beard scrub

If you have used a facial scrub before, this should not come as a totally foreign tool. A beard  scrub works within the same principle in that it basically exfoliates around the beard area. The scrubbing step helps to remove beard flakes, dirt and impurities underneath your facial hair. Using a beard scrub is also great for improving the feel and texture of your facial hair.

Pre shave oil

If you believe in the age old adage of ‘preparation is key to success’, then you would have no problem digesting the importance of this next item. A pre shave oil essentially helps to soften facial hair and gives that smoother glide as your razor works its magic. It goes ok before you lather the shaving cream. For those prone to razor burn and irritation, a little pre shave oil is a life saver.

Aftershave lotion

Now that we have gotten the prep and actual shaving out of the way, next comes the post-shave bit. As its name may imply, an aftershave lotion or balm are intended for once the shave is over. They tend to contain both alcohol and moisturiser components. Alcohol helps to close pores and minimise irritation, while the moisturiser keeps the skin soft and supple after your shave. Some aftershave even comes with strong antiseptic properties to treat razor burns.

Shaving brush

A shaving brush is pretty much self explanatory really. It’s a brush that basically whip up a good shaving cream lather for a better and smoother shave. There are a range of materials in the market when it comes to the material of the bristles. But you might want to go all out and get a badger brush. Made from badger hair, badger shaving brush is simultaneously durable and soft, making for a really luxurious shaving experience.