4 ways to show yourself some love this weekend

LOVE. It’s a four-letter word that makes the world go round. We’re often told to show our appreciation to the people we love. But equally important is to show yourself some love too. 

This is especially true after a long week at work. Sometimes, all we need to recover from the weekly routine is some tender loving care. 

There is no shame in showing yourself some love! And what better way to pamper ourselves than over the weekend? Here, we list down four steps to show yourself some love over the weekend.

Book a staycation 

A break from the usual daily grind usually entails a new environment. To do that, how about checking yourself in to hotel or resort for a quick stay somewhere. If you’re looking for something more central, there are plenty of midscale hotels in cities like KL, JB and Penang that should put you in the heart of world-class amenities. Brands such as Accor and Hilton have recently introduced accommodations that blend affordability and modern comfort in Malaysia. Otherwise, resorts in places like Janda Baik and Lumut are great for a quick getaway from the city.

Eat better and fancier meals

Few of us have the luxury of properly enjoying our mealtime on work days. If you’re living on your own, chances are you’re eating where it’s convenient — be it at a fast food joint or the usual economy rice place by the office. With time on your side on weekends, make a reservation at the new restaurant you’ve always had your eye on. Apart from being a food haven, Malaysia is also home to unique dining experiences.  Check out places like Dining In The Dark (KL), Suffolk House Restaurant (Penang), The Baboon House (Melaka) and Bowery Petit (KL).

Sign up for a class

Nothing says self-love quite like enhancing yourself. We’re talking about upgrading yourself by learning some new skills. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something like reading up on economics and world politics (although, there’s nothing wrong about being worldly). Consider something fun and relatively fuss-free such as signing up for an art class or beading workshop. There are also some embassies that offer free foreign language classes. Alternatively, travel platforms such as Klook and Lokalocal engage with the local community to offer classes with locals such as cooking and other native skills.

Get all dolled up 

Forget talks about superficiality…when you look good, you feel good! That’s why beauty care is so important; whether it’s your hair, nail or skin. Make an appointment at your favourite facial place this weekend for that ultra hydrating skin treatment. Are your nails getting a bit out of hand? Then be sure to give your manicurist a call pronto. Head over to Instagram and Pinterest for some #nails2inspire. Weekends are also a great time to check out your favourite online beauty sites. It’s a good time to spend as some credit cards offer special rebates on weekends. If there’s a beauty holy grail that got you excited, be sure to share the love by leaving a review of the product in @cosme.