10 biggest beauty regrets

CAN you believe that we are at the end of the decade? When the clock strikes 12, not only do we bid adieu to 2019, we are also saying goodbye to the 2010s.
As we raise our glasses to the entire ‘10s, let’s take a look at 10 of the biggest regrets in terms of our beauty habits and routine. We’d like to think that identifying and kicking these beauty no-no’s would help ensure better and beautiful skin moving forward.
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Don’t use enough sunscreen 

We’ve all heard how damaging the sun is to our skin, yet many of us are guilty of not applying sunscreen daily. The sun causes premature ageing and can even lead to skin cancer. So yes, use sun protection! Every. Single. Day.

Using a ‘stripping’ facial cleanser 

That the squeaky clean feeling doesn’t have to come at the expense of stripping our face — at least not all the time. Strong ingredients such as the acids, AHA and BHA in particular, should be minimised to your night cleansing routine.

Exfoliating too much

A good scrub is always good to remove dead skin. But there is such a thing as over-exfoliation. The absolute maximum must be capped at three times a week. When we over-exfoliate, our skin barrier is at risk — leading to loss of hydration and inflammation.

Substituting sleeping mask for moisturiser 

Sleeping masks typically contain ultra moisturising ingredients. But they should be used to “lock in” moisture in the nighttime instead of the primary source of hydration. 

Touching that pimple 

Honestly, we should have listened to mum when she says not to touch that zit. Physical contact only worsens blemishes. Our hands are exposed to bacteria and germs throughout the day. Now think about touching your skin with your nasty fingers … ew.

Not caring for the neck and chest

We often skip the neck and chest area — referred to as décolletage — when applying our skincare. As far as ageing gracefully is concerned, it’s vital to start extending your beauty ritual to the areas beneath your face too.

Applying makeup on dry skin

A dry and dehydrated face spells disaster for any makeup look. When our skin isn’t moisturised, it leads to a dull and tired complexion — regardless of how many makeup products you pile on! So moisturise and drink lots of water.

Using too much concealer

If we could, we would really want to cover up all those imperfections. But too much concealer will cover up any hint of our natural skin. What’s worse is the cakey look when the concealer dries off. Not flattering babe.

Applying makeup under wrong the lighting

There have been a few embarrassing moments where the flash just capture us in the most unflattering way possible. To avoid that, the best remedy is to apply makeup under natural lighting. 

Following the latest trends — without listening to our skin

We all love shiny new things. But just because a makeup look or skincare regime is a novelty (and everyone else is doing it), that doesn’t mean we have to follow suit too. So if the #glassskin or the Korean “chok chok” trends don’t fit you personally, then by all means, do not follow!