10 Crazy Fun Ideas to Try Out with Your BFF

WE could all do with friends in our life. They boost our happiness, make us feel a sense of belonging and help to improve our self-worth and self-confidence.

But when it comes to having that one special best friend (aka BFF for life, aka partner-in-crime)? Now, that’s someone who makes you feel all of the above. He or she is someone whom you are ready to get down — and do some crazy stuff with!

Since National Best Friends Day is around the corner (June 8), here’s a list of ideas — some are fun, while others are just downright crazy — to try out with that special babe or mate in your life.

Do a sleepover

Call it the ultimate best friend cliche, but you can never go wrong with a good ol’ sleepover. Make some popcorn, watch a marathon of Avengers on Netflix or just talk about life. This time together will strengthen the friendship.

Try out unique beauty products

Have you been wanting to try that Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask? Or maybe you need some moral support to lather on COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence? Shop for some out-of-this-world beauty items with your BFF and achieve better skin together.

Get a total makeover

When you look good, you feel good. And with the help of your bestie who has your best interest at heart, a total makeover will just get in that right frame of mind.

Be each other’s social media manager

Who better to curate your Instagram feed than your BFF? Get your bestie’s idea on how to come up with a cool TikTok video. Personal branding online is all about being approachable, and if anyone knows you best, it would be that special friend you pour your heart and soul to.

Go on an epic road trip

They say the true litmus test for a friendship is whether or not you can stand each other while on a holiday together. With your BFF, that shouldn’t be a concern. The challenge would be to decide where to begin your trip… and when!

Learn a new skill

If you have always wanted to learn that new BTS K-pop dance but are too embarrassed to do it alone, just drag your bestie to that dance class (which is probably filled with young fans, but hey, at least you have a companion to bridge the age gap).

Get busy in the kitchen

That cheesecake may be totally burnt, but at least you are baking and eating it together, right? Even if your adventure in the kitchen is a total fail, this hearty attempt is one for the photobooks.

Spread some kindness

Volunteer your time at an animal shelter or perhaps participate at that soup kitchen for the homeless with your bestie. Friends who do good together, stay together.

Visit abandoned theme parks

They may be spooky, but allay that fear with your adventurous best friend.

Crash a wedding

Gatecrashing doesn’t mean you have to be rude or rowdy about it. Here in Malaysia, there are many wedding kenduri (wedding parties) that will more than welcome well-wishers. Go with your BFF to reduce awkwardness.