5 Ways to Stay Active Without Leaving Your Home

WHO says you need to be in the great outdoors to stay fit and healthy? It is also possible to be fit and active when you are confined within the four walls of your house or apartment.

As the world is introduced to social distancing, more people are warming up to the idea of sticking to your fitness goals while at home.

Here, we check out some fitness activities and workout ideas that you can get done indoors. Beauty-wise, a good thing about burning calories indoor is that you don’t have to worry about excessive skin-damaging sun exposure.

Home cardio workout

In the age of YouTube, getting a good cardio workout doesn’t really require you to sign up for an expensive class with a famed trainer. There are many free online videos that can help you burn off the calories from last night’s pizza.

More than just burning fat, cardio workout has also been proven to maintain brain function and keep your cholesterol level in check. Some examples include jumping jacks, burpees and skipping in place.

Climb up and down the stairs

Stair climbing is a great form of exercise to work on the lower body. When you climb those flights of steps, your body is forced to work against the force of gravity. This will in turn help to build muscles in the lower body.

Research has shown that stair climbing burns twice the amount of fat compared to just mere walking. Consider this: You can burn up to 1,000 calories with just one hour of stair climbing.

Caslisthenics exercise

Also known as bodyweight workout, this branch of exercise makes use of your own body weight to train those muscles. In other words, you don’t need any fancy gym equipment to get fit.

Some examples include squats, pushups, planks and crunches. Another great thing is you can do these exercises virtually anywhere at home, whether it’s the kitchen or bedroom!

Home yoga

To incorporate some mental wellbeing, consider picking up yoga. You might need to get a good yoga mat to begin with. But once that is out of the way, there are many simple online tutorials to guide you.

Yoga is known to relieve back pain. And in an increasingly stressful world, yoga has been proven to lift moods and help with stress, as well as anxiety.

Do your house chores

An idle mind is the Devil’s playground. And the same adage holds true for general idleness. Just because you are at home does not mean you should be a couch potato all day long.

Just the simple act of doing regular housework can help you to burn some calories. Those who have sweated buckets while mopping the floor or cleaning the bathroom can attest to this. Apart from health benefits, keeping your home tidy has the added advantage of keeping you feeling generally better about your surroundings.