Father’s Day: Basic Skincare Starter Kit for Dad

CALL it a case of overgeneralising, but if you were to leave skincare to dad, his regime might just begin — and end — with a bar of soap. With Father’s Day around the corner, how about treating that special man in your life with the gift of grooming?

Of course, there are a plethora of gift sets in stores in time for this special occasion. But wouldn’t you agree that it’s better to personalise your own skincare set for dad?

It might be a bit of a challenge to build a beauty routine for fathers. To help you simplify matter, here are some essentials that you can mix and match in your skincare gift box.

Facial cleanser

Men’s skin tend to get oiler than the fairer sex. And this makes the cleansing step even more important. When it comes to dad’s mature skin, you need to consider keeping the skin smooth as well. You would want to pick out cleansers with deep cleaning properties that also come with nourishing benefits.


It might be a bit of a challenge to get dad used to the idea of a toner. After all, it is not as straightforward as the cleanser or moisturiser. The trick then is to pick something with more multi-benefit properties. Think pH-balancing and regulating sebum. Alternatively, you can get an essence with a much lighter texture that can also double as a toner.


One of the banes about being a man is a typically rougher skin texture. Help to keep dad’s skin soft with the help of a moisturiser. Things to look out for when shopping for a men-centric moisturiser is a product that will fit well into a man’s active lifestyle. The last thing you want is a moisturiser that leaves a greasy feeling on top of oily and sweaty skin.


All the effort to help dad achieve better skin would be wasted if you omit sunscreen. It’s a universally beneficial product for all genders. So when shopping for dad, just be mindful of the SPF. If dad is the outdoorsy kind, then dermatologists recommend going for SPF 30 and above.


Complete your gift of grooming with a pampering experience for dad. For many men, shaving is an exercise of pride and is taken seriously. A good aftershave product will make the experience even more special. Get something with a refreshing or cooling factor to minimise any razor cuts that dad might stumble upon.