Great anti-ageing ingredients

WHEN it comes to skincare that promises eternal youth, there are dozens of ingredients out there in the market. Some of these are incredibly trendy (think snail slime), while others are more tried and tested by experts over time.

All these great array of options can make shopping for that “youthful elixir” especially tough at times, intimidating even. But shopping for that anti-ageing product doesn’t have to be rocket science. You just have to go back to basics and trace down to the best kind of ingredients out there.

Here at @cosme, we have decided to simplify the equation for you by narrowing down some noteworthy and popular skincare ingredients to help you reverse the clock.


When it comes to this highly active ingredient, there are some fear and reservations among many out there. And rightly so, because retinol is one heck of a potent ingredient. Also referred to as Vitamin A, the ingredient works by increasing the cell turnover rate. In less fancier terms, that means it speeds up the exfoliation process of our skin. This rapid process helps to combat wrinkles as well as acne and sun damage.


This is essentially responsible for keeping your skin barrier healthy and strong, by sealing in hydration. When the outermost layer of your skin is resilient, it’s better at staying hydrated — optimum condition to maintaining that youthful glow associated with good skin. Ceramides are also effective in keeping skin irritants at bay.


It certainly started out as a trend, but over the years, collagen has made a serious case as an effective anti-ageing ingredient. It is basically a type of protein that lays out the foundation for firm skin texture. Oral collagen is all the rage these days, but experts said that its benefits is pretty negligible. Still, it doesn’t hurt to give in to the craze. 

Glycolic acid 

While we are still on the subject of collagen, glycolic acid is known to boost its production level. This can help to fend off wrinkles and fine lines. Its other benefit is the exfoliation of dead skin cells, which helps to improve skin texture. But this being an acid, remember to patch test when you first introduce it to your regime.

Vitamin C

While not necessarily your conventional anti-ageing ingredient, Vitamin C has a host of other benefits that contribute to that youthful look. It is effective in neutralising free radicals from excessive sun damage and other pollutants. It is also known to boost collagen production.

Broad spectrum sunscreen 

While not exactly a skincare ingredient per se, there is no denying the life-changing effects of SPF. If anything, sunscreen is the best kind of anti-ageing method you can splurge your money on (that isn’t absolutely necessary, considering how you can get a decent and effective product in drugstores). It’s a verified fact that when it comes to premature ageing, sun damage ranks high up there on the list of primary causes.