Tarot Readings for Your Horoscope: January Overview- Part 1

Introduction: What do the Tarots have planned for you this January? If you wish to get a glimpse of what’s going to happen in your relationship, career or your life in general, these are the forecasts for the month ahead. Let’s check it out!

Aries (Mar 21- Apr 19)

Tarot Card: The Fool

The Fool is a card of new beginnings, opportunity and potential. Just like the Fool, you are at the start of your journey, standing at the cliff‘s edge, and about to take your first step into the unknown. Even though you don’t know exactly where you are going, you are being called to commit yourself and follow your heart, no matter how crazy this leap of faith might seem to you. Now is the time to open your mind and trust where the Universe is leading you.

Career: If you are an employee, please be careful that your careless mistake will be easily detected. You may also find yourself in a compromising situation which leads to misunderstanding. The Fool reminds you that you have to take others’ thoughts into consideration, do proper planning and to not overestimate yourself at work.

Love: The Fool in love is exciting and spontaneous but a little fickle. For those who are in a relationship, The Fool indicates being so in love that you can hardly contain your excitement. For those that are single, it is a very good indicator that an impulsive, carefree romance is on the cards. If the Fool appears, be prepared for a fun-filled romance, but be careful not to miss true love if it comes your way during this time.

Taurus (Apr 20- May 20)

Tarot Card: The Chariot

Overall: This card indicates that you might be stuck in a situation of dilemma, impossible for you to make choice. However, with your willpower and resilience, you will not give up and soon drive yourself to the direction that you wish to reach. You have set your objectives and are now channelling your inner power with a fierce dedication to bring them to fruition. When you apply discipline, commitment and willpower, you will succeed.

Career: This month, you will find yourself facing a bottleneck at work. Now isn’t the time to be passive in hopes that things will work out in your favour. Take focused action and stick to the course, no matter what challenges may come your way. Others may try to block you, distract you, or drag down the pursuit of your goal in career. But the Chariot is an invitation to draw upon your tenacious willpower and hone in on what is essential to you in the long run, so you will achieve your goal at the end.

Love: The Chariot card suggests that you need to conquer your emotions in order to have a successful relationship. If you and your partner have been going through a rough patch, you will need to come together, communicate and work hard. The challenges you face are not insurmountable. They just require some hard work and focus to resolve them. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If you are single, The Chariot is an indication that your past relationships will leave you a little wary and emotional. The Chariot signifies that you can overcome the pain of your past and move forward in your love life by focusing on the future.

Gemini ( May 21- Jun 20)

Tarot Card: Four of Cups

Overall: The Four of Cups indicates becoming self-absorbed due to depression, negativity or apathy. The current extreme negativeness may be due to questioning of past lifestyles or dissatisfaction with the status quo. You are seeking for change, but these changes come with its own costs. You may take time to consider, but note that this may also cause missed opportunities. Without a clear direction or determination, you are advised to take a step back and gather more information before making the right decision.

Career: In a career context, the Four of Cups indicate that you are feeling bored or unsatisfied in your job. You may be tempted to change careers or to further your studies. However, these choices will bring about changes to your current lifestyle which you are already accustomed to. It is recommended to cultivate your own after-work interests, or even arrange a vacation to adjust your body and mind, and to divert your attention away from work.

Love: The Four of Cups can indicate that you have become complacent in your relationship or are so caught up in the fantasy of what you want your relationship to be that you are not appreciating it for what it is. Consider if this is a good use of your energy and what you could accomplish if you put that energy back into appreciating your partner for who they are. Plan some activities to do together or go on a couples’ vacation. If you are single, the Four of Cups can indicate that you are interested to start a relationship but you have no idea where to start. Outsiders might think that you are satisfied with your current single status, although you may think differently.

Cancer (Jun 21- Jul 22)

Tarot Card: Knight of Cups

Overall: The Knight of Cups can signify gentleness, affection and warmth. Due to your compassion and understanding of others, it makes you more charming and welcoming to others.

Career: In the career context, the Knight of Cups card represents the ability to work well with your team and colleagues with proper relationship management skills and a good attitude. All problems can easily be solved as your people skills and interpersonal relationships will back you up.

Love: The Knight of Cups is a great omen regardless of whether you are single or in a relationship, as it signifies your charm. However, do tone it down a little as your charm might bring you unnecessary trouble later on. For those in a relationship, it indicates that you may feel insecure as your partner easily attracts the attention of others recently. If you are single and are interested in someone, it tells you to bite the bullet now and ask them out. It is a strong indicator that now is the time to follow your heart and go with it.

Leo (Jul 23- Aug 22)

Tarot Card: The Sun

Overall: This tarot card radiates with optimism and positivity. It gives you strength and tells you that no matter where you go or what you do, your positive and radiant energy will follow you and bring you happiness in every aspect this month. Both your career and social life will benefit from your prosperous fortune, as you will be highly respected and loved by others.

Career: Now you are full of energy and zealousness for the future, career achievement and success will come to you. People around you will support you throughout. But remember that “success” is only temporary, do not become egoistical as the future responsibilities will be even greater.

Love: If you are single and looking for love, then the Sun assures that someone will love and appreciate you like you have never experienced. Feelings will be cultivated from friendship. What you have to do is just be open to receive! If you are in a relationship, there is abundance and security in the relationship – you might rediscover your partner and fall in love all over again!

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Tarot Card: The Strength

Overall: This card shows strength, determination and power which come from within. These qualities are often the key to success. You are committed to what you need to do, and you go about it in a way that shows your composure and maturity. This further affirms your ability and causes your self-worth to rise.

Career: Your strength gives you the confidence to overcome any challenges at work recently which wins a lot of support from your coworkers and superiors. You can control a situation without excessive, outward force. No one knows it’s you calling the shots at work throughout.

Love: For those who are single, this reading indicates that now is the perfect time to meet someone new. Your confidence will be rewarded with an adventurous relationship, likely with someone exciting and shares common interests with you. Those in a stable relationship should view Strength as a good indicator that this relationship is solid, with trust and tolerance for each other. Any problems that arise only serve to strengthen your bond as you overcome them together. You should get used to waking up to your partner’s embrace as yours is a love that can go the distance.