What Staying Indoors 24/7 on Lockdown Has Taught Me About Skincare

While COVID-19 has been drastically changing our lives across the globe, the majority of us are now confined to our homes to reduce the spread of the virus. Many elements in our previous lives have been forced to change, like our environment, interactions and routine, which have had an effect on our skin health.

Here are 5 things that staying indoors for an extended period of time has taught me about skincare.

1. It’s important to maintain your skincare routine

I will admit that when the lockdown first began, I started to slack on my daily skincare routine. I had a speedy little straight from desk-to-bed commute when my day began, and vice versa when my day ended. Since I’m indoors all the time, I’m not exposed to any pollution right? Wrong. I noticed that in the second week of quarantine, my skin began to break out. Even though it may not be visible to the naked eye, your house is still filled with indoor pollutants and dust, which can settle on your face and cause breakouts. It’s important to wash the pollutants, dirt and dead skin cells off your face by maintaining your daily skincare regimen even if you don’t go anywhere.

2. Sunscreen is still crucial

Since the dawn of time, beauty gurus have preached the importance of sunscreen when you go outdoors. But now that we’re spending most of our time inside, what does this mean for our skin? A quick Google search taught me that harmful UV rays from the sun can still penetrate through the windows to harm your skin, especially if you sit in front of well-lit windows. To my utter horror, I never skipped sunscreen again – even indoors!

3. Let your skin breathe

Since I’m not seeing anyone, I don’t need to put on any makeup right? I have never gone this long without wearing makeup, and my skin is loving it. There’s no better time to let your skin breathe and trust me, your skin will reap the benefits.

4. Stay active, healthy and hydrated

While the dance and yoga studios I used to frequent pre-virus were temporarily closed, I exercised less. I noticed that inactivity negatively impacted my skin. Once I started including regular indoor exercise from the millions of YouTube fitness videos available online, my skin started to look brighter. The post-workout glow is no myth! Working out delivers blood flow and oxygen to your face. I also made more effort to drink more water and eat more whole foods, as doing so makes your skin more soft and supple.

5. Reduce stress

This pandemic and the struggle to follow a proper routine has been stressful for everyone and it is no secret that stress causes breakouts. One of the simple but effective ways that I have been taking care of my mental health is by indulging in a DIY spa day when I feel like I need it.