Your Survival Guide to Bazaar Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is a time of self-reflection, revelation and restoration for many of our Muslim friends. It is also the time when fasting is observed.

For many Malaysians, regardless of your faith or beliefs, the one thing that is most anticipated is the Ramadan Bazaar. A foodie trip to the Ramadan Bazaar has become synonymous with the month of fasting for many of us.

Although, with the Covid-19 situation, the feeling of festivity might have been slightly dampened. But to get back in the spirit, we have decided to look back at fun times and present to you a life hack of sorts to help you “survive” the Ramadan Bazaar — whether now or in the future — by keeping your wallet and waistline in check.

Visit one stall at a time

With all the big crowd and cornucopia of fantastic food, you might be tempted to get everything that you set your eyes upon. But hey, remember that you have about a month to frequent your favourite Ramadan Bazaar. Instead of getting everything in one go, consider trying out one or two food choices during each visit. For instance, go murtabak and nasi tomato on Monday. And when you visit again on Thursday, try out the nasi dagang and popiah goreng.

Go to the booth with less crowd

The mentality would be to always head first towards that store with the most people, isn’t it. While it is only human nature to be curious and try out what is deemed popular, what draws the crowd may not necessarily be the tastiest option. Just think about it: The barrage of people might overwhelm the vendor and affect quality control. Instead, save some time and give other stalls with lesser people a chance to serve you too.

Leave your wallet at home

This might sound a bit counterintuitive, but the advent of technology has certainly made payment easier. These days, there are increasingly more Ramadan Bazaar that embrace the cashless concept. For all you know, there might also be “virtual” bazaars where you can just place your order online and have your food delivered to your doorstep.

Bring your own container from home

While preparing to break fast with your family and friends, let’s not forget about the environment. Not only is bringing your own food container a more environmentally sustainable move, you might even get a larger portion of your packed meal. Just think about it, the size of our containers are usually bigger than the plastic or polystyrene packaging.

Visit when it’s almost time to break fast for discounts

Some might think this is just a downright sneaky move, but hey everybody loves a good discount. Most vendors would want to sell everything by the end of the day, and sometimes this includes slashing prices. More than just getting a bargain, think of it as you are doing the sellers a service by helping them wrap up their business and head home earlier to break fast. It is a win-win scenario if you ask us.