A Guide to Describing Lipstick Textures

When it comes to choosing a lipstick, you have endless options. But we can all agree that the right texture of the lipstick is just as important as the perfect shade. Understanding the various types of lipstick textures and how they perform is fundamental to rocking your favourite lipstick with confidence. With so many choices to pick from, reading beauty reviews from our fellow lipstick junkies is our best bet. So read on to learn about the different types of lipstick textures to inspire your next review of a lipstick that you love (or loathe!). 

Sheer and Satin

Sheer and satin lipsticks are every girl’s best friend. This texture of lipstick has a higher oil content so it feels more comfortable on the lips and is less likely to dry them out. This makes this texture perfect for everyday wear, however, the formulation also makes it less long-lasting, meaning it needs to be reapplied throughout the day. The finish of this texture has a touch of colour with a subtle shine.


Cream textured lipsticks have a higher wax content, giving it a more staying power. The wax can make this texture slightly drying, however many cream lipsticks these days have added nourishing ingredients such as vitamin E and aloe vera to make it more hydrating. It applies smoothly with an opaque and slightly glossy finish.


Just like its name, this type of texture has a very high-shine, glossy effect. The highly reflective finish makes the thinnest of lips look plump, juicy and full. This texture applies very smoothly but can sometimes be sticky. It adds a youthful hint of colour and is perfect for those with dry lips. Unfortunately, it does not last very long.


The complete opposite of a gloss, matte textured lipsticks is completely shine-free and very long-lasting. To give it its rich colour and matte finish, there is a very high content of wax compared to oil. Since it is not very moisturising, it is best to make sure your lips are properly hydrated prior to application.


Exactly like what its name implies, stain textures quite literally stain your lips (for a few hours at least).  This texture focuses on colour, has minimal shine, is ultra long-lasting and low maintenance. It applies very smoothly and sinks into your lips, giving the impression that it is your actual lip colour.

Liquid Lipstick

This texture applies as a liquid then dries matte. It is the ultimate texture for strong staying power and is perfect for times when touch-ups are inconvenient, but it can be very drying. It is designed to last up to eight hours but can wear off if you eat greasy food.

Lip Oil

Unlike most glosses, the lip oil texture is not sticky. Along with the shiny finish, the vitamins and oils nourish the lips while leaving a light colour tint. It is lip care and makeup combined into one.