Best Eye Care | @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2019

Introducing the Best Eye Care today from @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2019!

1st: ELIXIR / ELIXIR SUPERIEUR enriched wrinkle cream

Volume/Price: 15g 5,800 yen / 22g 7,800 yen
Pure retinol. A quasi drug cream to treat wrinkles. For “tsuyadama”, glowing, dewy skin. Medicated active ingredient, Pure Retinol* will activate on both the epidermis and dermis. It promotes the generation of hyaluronic acid and increases moisture in the skin for softer, stronger skin, leading to the increase of density in collagen and treats wrinkles. Soothing Aqua Floral scent. *Retinol

Review: Beeing using this for 6 months. The texture is not too hard, not too soft and spreads well. It didn’t remove all of my fine lines but I can see they’re less visible. I also use this on my mouth. I will definitely keep on using this cream. (●ぷぅたん● Age 54 Combination Skin) 


Volume/Price: 20g 5,800 yen (researched by editorial dept.)
An anti-wrinkle cream developed from a manufacturer that has been conducting research on the causes of wrinkles for 25 years. Infused with Wrinkle Niacin effective for reducing wrinkles. An approach to the 2 layers of skin to promote an uplifting and strong core with a supple outer layer with elasticity. The Softening & Stretch technology activates on the deeper layers of the skin for visible results and improvement in texture. Moisturizes coarse, dry areas to revive the suppleness from within, providing a bouncier texture that feels as if the wrinkles were stretched out. Treat concerned areas by massaging in the cream for fast penetration and results. Effective for lines formed by expressions and dryness for an improved, beautiful complexion.

Review: I’ve been using this to prevent any fine lines since I also wear a bit of heavy eye makeup… I love the smells and this plumps my skin and also moisturizes. I use this on any dry skin around my mouth and it’s really great. (fairy*dust Age 27 Combination Skin)


Volume/Price: 30g 1,100 yen
This medicated eye cream is extra rich in placenta to offer brightening and aging-care effect. Medicated brightening ingredient, placenta permeates deep into skin to prevent melanin production and promote bright, luminous skin without dullness or hyperpigmentation. It is also rich in collagen and job’s tears extract to treat the skin around the eyes and lips. It delivers hydration and elasticity, and promotes firm, nourished skin.

Review: I was thinking I should start caring for the eye area and bought this. The cream has a very thick texture and it’s incredibly moisturizing. I use this as my last step in my skin care routine after taking a shower, and the white floral scent is very relaxing. I heard it’s better to use an eye cream when you’re young so I’ll keep on using this. (里芋コロリ Age 29 Combination Skin)