Classic Eyeshadow & Lipstick from excel

Limited edition shades joining classic eyeshadow & lipstick from【excel】💄✨

from left📷
Single eyeshadow for adding a jewelry like shimmer to the eyelids💎The limited edition “SI09 Peach Guava” is a peach pink shade for adding soft color and shimmer🍑Add a little amount to the lower eyelids for puppy like eyes✊

Shiny Shadow N
Limited 1 shade 1,000 yen

With moisturizing ingredients, this buttery lipstick feels like a lip balm💋New “GB07 Watermelon” shade is a juicy coral pink with a combination of pink & orange✨Get your summer on with fresh, juicy lips🏖

Glaze Balm Lip
1 new shade 1,600 yen

In stores June 18, 2019