Do You Need a Jade or Rose Quartz Face Roller in Your Life?

FACIAL beauty tools have now become part and parcel of many modern girls’ beauty routines. But perhaps one that causes a fair amount of intrigue and wonder is none other than the face roller.

Part of that fascination comes down to the simple observation that they are just oh-so-pretty. Typically made from jade or rose quartz, these face rollers will no doubt instantly lift the aesthetic of your vanity.

Is it worth incorporating one into your beauty routine? The short answer to that is yes! Let’s find out more about this beauty tool.

What does a face roller do?

We are all familiar with the benefits of a good old body massage. A face roller replicates much of these benefits, with the exception that all the goodness is concentrated on your face.

A face roller improves the blood circulation around the face, which helps to reveal more radiant and youthful skin. Rolling your skin also helps with morning puffiness by stimulating lymphatic drainage.

When it comes to skincare absorption, a roller can help to distribute the product evenly across your face. You can pair this tool with your favourite facial oil or moisturiser.

How many types of face rollers are there?

There are several variants of face rollers in the market. While having options is great, it can make for a confusing shopping experience.

If we were to go with conformity, jade would be the most popular variant of face rollers out there. This might have something to do with how it has been traditionally used as a beauty tool in China for centuries. It is said that jade, due to its texture, may help with contouring purposes.

Other types of materials are amethyst, rose quartz, obsidian and metal. Like jade, rose quartz and amethyst are popular options too.

Rose quartz is great if you like that cooling sensation while face rolling. Just keep it in the fridge for a minute or two before you start. As for amethyst, it is said to purify the skin, which might be great for those with acne prone skin.

How to use a face roller?

The important thing here is lubrication. That is why it is recommended to complement face rolling with a facial oil or moisturiser.

Start rolling from the neck and move your way upwards. Then proceed from the jawline to your ears on both sides. From here, you move on to the cheekbones. Make sure to control the pressure to avoid any discomfort. Also, be sure to only roll upwards instead of back and forth.

After that, focus on the forehead and roll towards your temples in an upward motion. With your eyebrows, you would want to roll it flat in a horizontal way. This is especially great for relieving headaches.

How often should you roll your face?

There is really no reported adverse effect of face rolling, except for the occasional discomfort. That being said, experts recommend keeping face rolling to about 10 minutes to garner the de-stressing and de-puffing benefits. But of course, do pay attention to how you are feeling too. If it’s beginning to hurt, then stop. Face rollers are safe for daily use.

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