EDITOR’S REVIEW: SOFY Sanitary Pads for That Time of the Month

There are many sanitary pads in the market and it can be daunting at times for women to purchase when it came to that time of the month. There are sanitary pads for day and night use, there are those with wings and without, and so many measurements to look out for. Today we’ll be reviewing the difference of each type of sanitary pad from SOFY, the No.1 sanitary pad brand from Japan!

SOFY Body Fit Day

Let’s start with the day time pads. These pads have been voted as No. 1 in Japan, so you know you’re in for a treat. The SOFY Body Fit Day Maxi (RM5.60) has 16 pads in a packet, while SOFY Body Fit Day Maxi Long (RM6.85) has 14 pads. The bright pink packaging is also really eye-catching!

As you can see, the SOFY Body Fit Day Maxi is a 23cm pad for heavy flow days, while the SOFY Body Fit Day Maxi Long is slightly longer at 26cm. It is said to be the Longest Day Maxi Pad in Malaysia to provide the Longest protection!

The pads are made with cottony soft sheet that offers superior absorption. They are not too thick as well so it won’t look bulky when you wear them. Both variants come with wings, which is preferred by most girls as it helps to secure the sanitary pads in place better. But if you prefer non-wing variants, they are also available in the market.

Take a closer look and you’ll find that using the new Japan Tech, there are Quick Absorb Pores on the surface of the sanitary pad. This means that liquid is absorbed faster and leaves the surface 2x drier so that skin feels less stick even on heavy flow days. If you noticed the lines at the side are not merely just for decoration. These are the anti-leak double press lines to prevent flow from reaching the edge and staining your skirt or pants.

SOFY Comfort Nite

Next up, the overnight pads. Overnight pads are extremely important because it needs to feel comfortable and stand up to the test so that you do not wake up with stained bedsheets. The SOFY Comfort Nite 35cm (RM10.05) and SOFY Comfort Nite Longest 42cm (RM7.64) are extra long to prevent this mishap.

There are 16 pads in one pack of SOFY Comfort Nite 35cm, and only 8 pads in the SOFY Comfort Nite Longest 42cm pack. SOFY Comfort Nite series promises to let you Sleep Tight Till Morning. Overnight pads usually have this dark purple galaxy style packaging to indicate night-time use.

For night-time pads, there are usually 2 winged section to take note of, one to secure the front and a larger wing towards the larger part of the napkin for the back of your booty. The larger wing at the back of this SOFY Comfort Nite series sanitary pad is called Motion-Fit, which is for Anti Back Leakage. The new Motion-Fit Japan innovation fits and follows the natural body movement and shape throughout the night to give you thorough back coverage, and prevent backflow as you lay down flat.

These soft and flexible leak gathers also have a use, and they are for preventing side leakage. If you realised, the centre of the pad is also slightly raised to fit body perfectly for speedy absorption. After all, we ladies can’t be waking up throughout the night to keep changing our sanitary pads if it doesn’t have good absorption capability right? #aintnobodygottimeforthat

All SOFY sanitary napkins come in individually packed plastic packaging that help it to retain its stickiness and use for easy storing or disposal. The SOFY Body Fit Day series in pink are perfect for bringing around when you are out and about as they are slim and discreet enough to keep in the bag. The SOFY Comfort Nite 35cm in blue is slightly bigger but it doesn’t matter as we usually only use it before bed. I’m not really sure why the SOFY Comfort Nite Longest 42cm pack has another plastic layer inside the pack but it is definitely the biggest of them all.

After testing out these sanitary pads during my time of the month, I have come to a conclusion that SOFY sanitary pads are really great for girls of all ages and lifestyle. They’re comfortable and come with a wallet-friendly price tag where they’re usually priced below RM10! For the daytime pads, I would advice to not wear for more than 5 hours for maximum efficiency and to prevent side leaks as we move about throughout the day. For the overnight pads, I personally would prefer if it came without the side gathers as they can get itchy after a while, so it’s best to not wear it for more than 8 hours.

A good sanitary pad has to offer good protection, prevent leakage, absorbs well and is comfortable enough. Most importantly, it helps women to feel confident and secure, be it at work, exercising or even just lounging around. SOFY definitely fits the bill! Hope this review has been helpful for all you ladies out there!

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