Limited Cute Lippies from Fujiko

Two summer limited editions from Fujiko’s Age Lip!🏖Line your lips with the “Tint Liner” at the tip of the lip pencil and lay the balm on the lips for pure moisture✨Leads to plump, perfect lips💎

Age Lip
LIMITED 2 types Each 1,280 yen
In stores April 3, 2019

Fujiko Asakawa Lip

Leave on the magic at night🌃✨Serum ingredients in the balm will moisturize the lips at night and lead to firm lips💋Pigments are also added for a tint effect and your lips will be good to go in the morning💘

Asakawa Lip
ALL 1 type 1,200 yen
Limited edition in variety stores, drugstores, @cosme shopping