m.m.m Spring Collection

Debut in 2018✨NEW spring collection from【m.m.m】💘


Mix the 2 shades of this lip & blush for a soft pigmentation🌹The smooth balm formula promotes a gradual flush for a healthy impression☀

Lip + Cheek Cream Tint
ALL 3 shades Each 3,500 yen


Lip gloss that can be used as a lip primer💋The top cool color will remove excess redness from the lips for a clear finish✨The bottom warm color adds redness to the lips for a plump, bolder finish👠

Lip Shine Base Control
ALL 2 types Each 3,600 yen


A playful eye color & eyeliner to play up your makeup⭐The 2 different pencils will create impressive eyes💎The thicker pencil can be used as eyeshadow or a bolder eyeliner while the thinner pencil can be used as an accent color or regular eyeliner🌈

Sparkle Shadow Pencil DUO
ALL 3 types Each 3,600 yen


The nuance color has a perfectly dewy sheerness and naturally defines the eyes👀Moisturizing ingredients are gentle to the skin and can be used as an eyeshadow primer, too👌

Eyelite Cushion
ALL 3 shades Each 3,200 yen

All in stores March 1, 2019
*Pre-release in Make↗Kitchen from February 15, 2019