New Fundamental Line from Klairs

Introducing the new Fundamental Line from 【Klairs】which has a high concentration of effective ingredients, making it possible to feel strong hydration and antioxidizing effects.

Fundamental Watery Oil Drop 50ml | RM 129 

It is an oil-like moisturizing serum in oil texture that contains Jeju green tea water along with enzyme extracts that deliver nutrients to the skin. It is a light and fresh moisturizing care for those who have dry skin.

Fundamental Ampule Mist 125ml | RM122

It contains green tea water from Jeju Island instead of distilled water. Completing a smooth and dewy skin texture with just a few spritzes, it reduces stickiness and increases hydration, making it a good substitute for toner.

Available online on HERMO, Lazada and Shopee now!