Sulwhasoo Timetreasure Luxury Set

Timetreasure Luxury Set features 【Sulwhasoo】’s premium anti-aging line of Timetreasure packed with a Dressing Stand and traditional wrapping cloth package with a golden thread. It was presented as a gift to First Ladies at the ASEAN-Republic of KOREA Commemorative Summit!

The collection contains precious artworks made by Korean Important Intangible Cultural Heritage craftsmen, and such artworks embody the noble care of Sulwhasoo.

Traditional wrapping cloth package

Patterns of the 10 traditional symbols of longevity were embroidered with a golden thread to wish health and eternal life to those we care.

Dressing Stand

The dressing stand is an artwork that comprises of two Important Intangible Cultural Properties. It boasts of the elegant charm of zelkova tree and metal craft, whose colors become all the more classical with time.

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