Tarot Readings for Your Horoscope: February Overview- Part 1

Aries (Mar 21- Apr 19)

Tarot Card: The Hierophant

Overall: The Hierophant‘s arrival suggests you are conventional and are staying within the bounds of a ‘tried and tested’ model. You are not yet willing to take risks or offer any new and innovative ideas. Instead, you adhere to the key principles and rules that you know will lead to a successful result. Yet somehow you will be misunderstood of being inflexible and slow in reaction.

Career: This is a good time to get involved in group or team projects career-wise. Although you might not be the most outstanding worker, you will be awarded for your hard work and steadiness recently. You should do what’s expected of you and avoid unconventional methods at work and you will be successful. The Hierophant is a signifier for sharing knowledge so you may find a teacher or mentor who will help you along your career path.

Love: You can expect your relationship to become more committed and begin moving towards new relationship milestones when this card appears. It indicates that you and your partner share the same values and goals, a very good card to get if a committed relationship is what you want. If you are single, this card signifies a new relationship is on the horizon which will be through introduction by your family, friend or relative.

Taurus (Apr 20- May 20)

Tarot Card: Ten of Swords

Overall: This card marks a painful yet inevitable ending. It is as if this obstacle has come out of the blue and rocked your world. You are grieving from the pain of this shocking loss and wonder if you will ever find work or love and trust again. You must learn to let go, get rid of the burden and bondage of the past so that you may have the chance to start over.

Career: The Ten of Swords card suggests letting go and accepting your current circumstances at work. You recognise that there must be a change that is worth your time and effort, and you can try to move forward to start over. Think of it as a journey of life and to find a new direction! You will see that there is potential and plenty of chances awaiting you ahead.

Love: Your life is in chaos regardless of whether you are single or in a relationship. You may find yourself getting tired of the relationship you are currently in after realizing the truth. This change will be hard to accept or deal with at first. But as you go along, you will realise that new hope is ahead of you.

Gemini ( May 21- Jun 20)

Tarot Card: Queen of Cups

Overall: The Queen of Cup shows you will have unparalleled tolerance and trust in others. You are not only considerate towards others, but also empathizes with small animals and vulnerable groups during this month. It’s easy for you to feel touched by even the smallest gesture!

Career: You know how to tolerate the difficulties at work, and will be willing to share the difficulties with your colleagues. But sometimes, you must know how to take only what you can handle and don’t allow yourself to be pushed around.

Love: For those who are in a relationship, you will develop feelings of closeness with your other half, and will have a good understanding of each other. You can read each other’s current thoughts and are very tolerant and considerate. Those who are single should not feel dejected about not finding love currently. Instead, place your efforts in providing emotional support for others (such as raising pets, doing charity work or participating in arts and cultural activities) which allows you to mingle with people and not be too immersed in your own world.

Cancer (Jun 21- Jul 22)

Tarot Card: Ten of Pentacles

Overall: You have accomplished great things through your hard work and dedication, and can now relish in sharing this joy with others. Everything will eventually come together and you will be proud of everything that you’ve achieved.

Career: This is a crucial month for you as the card indicates that you are on to something big and your idea has the potential to impact millions. This will create a lasting foundation for future success in your career. The only thing you have to do is to work hard.

Love: If you are single, you may soon find a partner whom you have been friends with for a long time. This is someone you can build a future with, but you must spend some time to take things to the next level. If you are in a relationship, you will take the next step to move in with, get married or start a family with your partner. It is suggested that sometimes it is necessary to inject new sparks and fun into your relationship so that the feelings can last longer.

Leo (Jul 23- Aug 22)

Tarot Card:

Overall: You may be facing a dilemma at this time. Even if the situation is not good for you, even if there is only a glimmer of hope left, you must learn to let go of it and stimulate your own potential and willpower.

Career: At this time, you may be facing many challenges at work. There may be many cases that cannot be completed, or you will be required to work overtime frequently. You are already tired and have already exhausted your mental and physical strength to the limit, but you still persevere in order to complete them one by one and solve all the difficulties faced.

Love: At this time, your love and feelings may be put to the test. The pressure you face at work may be hindering the development of your love. Those who are in a relationship will face a lot of difficulties and obstacles, and you both will need to have strong willpower and determination to overcome them. A single person may be overly stressed on the job, causing you to overlook your suitor’s feelings.

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Tarot Card: King of Swords

Overall: King of Swords. You are in your power, ruling from a place of authority and respect within your territory this month. You will stand firm in your truth and express yourself with deep conviction. As a result, others will pay attention to what you have to say. However, do bear in mind not to be too egoistic or misuse your authority in order to avoid criticism from people. Be rational, but also do not neglect others’ feelings.

Career: The King of Swords card shows that you are well-positioned to judge your current situation appropriately and identify any limiting behaviours that may get in the way. You will cut straight to the point and get to the heart of the matter for maximum efficiency and impact should any issues arise. While you may worry that you are not being particularly caring or sympathetic with others, this detachment may be exactly what you need most right now in order to focus on your goals.

Love: The rational yet cold King of Swords is not suited for the development of feelings at the moment; the emotional problems faced can cause two people to become strangers. The desire to rule and a firm stand on your views may cause intolerance in your relationship which can lead to arguments. Thus, there should be a balance between your attitude at work and at home for the sake of your relationship. For those who are single, the desire to date is not strong at the moment and it is best to focus more on your own interests, instead of socialising.