Best Cleanser | @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2019

Introducing the Best Cleanser today from @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2019!


Volume/Price: 10 Packs 500 JPY / 60ml 980 JPY / 120mlx2 3,200 JPY / 120ml 1,700 JPY
Revamped. A powerful cleansing oil with high cleansing abilities and moisture retention. Now even better to firmly remove impurities in pores. The oil is excellent in melting away impurities stuck in pores, treating sagging, open pores on dry skin, leading to a smooth skin surface. Extends smoothly and blends thoroughly with makeup. The oil is distributed over the skin and can be washed off quickly, minimizing any unwanted friction on the skin. It leaves enough moisture necessary for the skin and will not dry the skin out. It also minimizes the appearance of fine lines caused by dryness. (Efficacy tested)

Review: I always thought any cheap cleanser would do the job but this isn’t super cheap or expensive and I can buy this at the drugstore. I feel like I break out less now. And, it removes my makeup swiftly. (laladayo Age 22 Combination Skin)

2nd: shu uemura / ultime8∞ sublime beauty cleansing oil

【shu uemura】
Volume/Price: 150ml 4,600JPY / 450ml 11,500 JPY
Revamped. Shu Uemura’s famous cleansing oil is back and upgraded with 3 new botanical oils and new Ultime Complex, that makes it even more natural and easier to use. Enjoy your cashmere skin with 8 revolutionary botanical origin oils. A soft, smooth and moisturized finish.

Review: Been buying this from when I was in school, it’s my 3rd one. It doesn’t damage my eyelash extensions and I don’t have to scrub the face to take my makeup off. I’ll keep on using this again. (waffle110 Age 23 Normal Skin)

3rd: CHIFURE / Washable Cold Cream

Volume/Price: 300g 650 JPY
This is a cleansing cream to remove and rinse off your makeup thoroughly. It removes makeup swiftly and offers a soft, fresh finish. Can also be used as a massage cream. Refill 300g 560 yen

Review: I have very natural makeup on and this removes everything. It doesn’t dry out my skin and I’m happy ☆ It’s worth the price and I’ll buy this again (^^) (ゆきな51 Age 27 Dry Skin)