Best Emulsion | @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2019

Introducing the Best Emulsion today from @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2019!


Volume/Price: 110g 3,000JPY / 200g 5,000JPY
Revamped. Milk lotion for dry skin with overflowing moisture and lead the skin to a firm, supple, plump state. The rich texture will melt into the skin and balance the skin’s moisture level for flawless, supple skin.

I’ve been using this from when I was in uni. I would change to different products but I keep on coming back because it just keeps my skin in a healthy condition. I have dry skin and have wrinkles but I make sure to really absorb the product into my skin and massage to care for them. Love the texture and the scent. (Maasaakoo Age 30 Dry Skin)

2nd: SK-II / R.N.A.POWER Airy Milky Lotion

Volume/Price: 50g 11,500JPY / 80g 17,000JPY (researched by editorial dept.)
A milk lotion for moisturized, luminous skin and a glow from within. The light, refreshing texture blends with the skin easily for a comfortable use. Combined with Radical New Age Complex, Pitera TM and Chlolleragen (Chlorella Vulgaris Extract). Retains moisture to even dry prone skin and leads to fine, clear bare skin. The rich texture is heavy but feels light on the skin and blends. Also combined with SK-II original, naturally derived fragrance. The soothing fragrance will relax your mind and skin.

Review: This is a very smooth milky lotion ☆ I personally prefer something a bit more thick but this was easy to use and kind of smelled like tea which I liked ☆(ネームあみちゃん Age 43 Dry Skin)


Volume/Price: 200g 7,000JPY
Revamped. This lotion has a fresh, rich, gentle texture that immediately firms and tones the skin. Its powerful treatment effect strengthens the papillary dermis, supporting the generation of baby collagen. It refines the outer layer of the skin, filling it with moisture for a resilient, firm state.

Review: Bought this to use in the morning. I use 2 pushes on a cotton pad and it absorbs smoothly◎ It’s moisturizing for the whole day and has a great, relaxing scent♪ I used EXAGE before and changed to this and it really is worth the price. It’s expensive and it’s good! I like how there’s an emollient in the ingredients, too. (●もぐらさん● Age 26 Dry Skin)