Best Eyeshadow | @cosme 2019 Mid-Year New Products

Introducing the Best Eyeshadow today from @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2019 Mid-Year New Products!

1st: CEZANNE / Single Color Eye Shadow

Product Description:
Volume/Price: 1g 400 yen
4 shades. Choose only your favorite colors with this single shade eyeshadow. Features an oil-infused moisturizing powder that stays on the lids. The fine, round particles of the powder glides onto the skin, creating a smooth, silky finish. It keeps the skin hydrated with 5 kinds of moisturizing components.

With oil combined the eyeshadow is very rich and pigmented and stays on long. For 400 yen with this much amount and perfect nuance shades to change up your look, it would be amazing if they made this a whole series. I bought the muted pink and it blends really well, this would look good for any age. Super cute (苺64 Age 28 Sensitive Skin)

2nd: Visée / Riche MY NUDY EYES

Product Description:
Volume/Price: 4.7g 1,200 yen (researched by editorial dept.)
5 types. This eye color palette comes with 4 colors with delicate pearl shimmer, naturally blending in to the skin for an elegant look. The 5 palette types can be matched to skin tone, with beige colors that are carefully designed to flatter your complexion. Contains ingredients that original Skin Tone Pearl that matches the skin’s undertones. With no white, powdery finish, the colors blend into the skin for a light, natural look. The moisturizing powder stays in place without fallout, and the color stays true for hours. Contains beauty serum ingredients (hyaluronic acid, moisturizing mineral oil) that help keep the eye area from drying. No added fragrance.

I had to think really hard to choose one shade and I’m using BE3. This is the perfect nude shades with colors that have pretty glitter, too! It’s natural but defines my eyes and I’m so glad I bought this. (おりんぴあ Age 34 Dry Skin)

3rd: LUNASOL / Geminate Eyes N

Product Description:
Volume/Price: 5,000 yen
New version. 3 types (1 limited edition type). Create an eye look with sparkling jewel-like color. Radiant and shimmering, the new formula in the Geminate Color has a wet look that gives you a new, elegant flair. Layer to create added depth with the charming shimmer only Lunasol can provide.

Purchased 05 RB. This is really famous! I was interested because this looks like a pink shade palette that would look good for any age. It doesn’t have much fall out and every shade is perfect for daily use. This has a natural, subtle pigment ^^ I use this mainly on my day off. (sayy Age 27 Dry Skin)