Best Face Cream | @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2019 Mid-Year New Products

Introducing the Best Face Cream today from @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2019 Mid-Year New Products!

2nd: freeplus / Watery Cream

Product Description:
Volume/Price: 50g 3,800 yen
This light, refreshing cream forms a cushion between the hands and the skin to reduce stress on the delicate skin of the face. As soon as it touches the skin, it transforms into a liquid that never feels sticky or greasy as it smooths lightly over the face. Oriental medicinal herbal ingredients moisturize deep within the skin, forming a moisture barrier over the surface*1 and maintaining the skin’s moisture balance to leave the complexion looking radiant, refreshed, and smooth. It is formulated support the skin’s barrier function and avoid causing irritation. Contains no parabens, alcohol (ethanol), mineral oil, added fragrance and color, or UV absorbers. Low pH, patch*2 and allergy-tested*3 (sting tested, not guaranteed hypoallergenic for all users). *1 Forms a moisture-rich, transparent film. *2 Tested for skin irritation. *3 Tested for stinging or itching sensations.

It smoothly glides on and super moisturizing without feeling sticky. The texture is very light and doesn’t give me breakouts. I can trust this cream and use this everyday. Thinking of buying this again. (0o.MAI.o0 Age 19 Sensitive Skin)

3rd: SHISEIDO / White Lucent Brightening Gel Cream

Product Description:
Volume/Price: 50g 8,500 yen
The feeling of clear skin transforms your skin the next day. With the skin’s natural clarity, brightness, and firmness, you can enjoy bright skin* every day. With a light, soft texture, this cream controls the production of melanin in the skin to prevent age spots and freckles, while also filling the skin with refreshing moisture that lasts. *”Bright skin” refers to skin that appears more radiant and translucent due to reduced melanin production, fewer dark spots, and moisturized skin.

Super moisturizing but since it’s a gel cream, it doesn’t feel heavy and I can use this comfortably everyday. I use in the morning and so far, I have no problems with this. (山南総長 Age 40 Combination Skin)