Best Face Massage Cream | @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2019

Introducing the Best Face Massage Cream today from @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2019! 


Volume/Price: 100g 6,000 yen / 200g 10,000 yen
This massage cream works to revitalize the skin deep down, bringing brightening hydration and beautiful elasticity. Contains high-grade wax that keeps the skin firm and tight even after massage. While adjusting the balance of water and natural skin oils, this cream maintains the skin’s hydration levels afterwards, yet washes off easily. With a firm yet rich texture, this multipurpose cream can be used as a mask or for massage. With the gently refreshing scent of oriental orchid. 
Half Size 100g / 6,000 yen : Comes with a sponge cloth and spatula  

Review: A very blendable cream. I bought for massaging and I feel my skin softening from within. The cream itself doesn’t feel heavy so it is easy to apply. After massaging, it leaves the skin super smooth with just the right amount of hydration. (よっこいマチャミ Age 42 Combination Skin) 

2nd: DECORTÉ / Facial Refining Massage Cream

Volume/Price: 80g 4,500 yen
A massage cream with the perfect formulation of plant based oils. It melts on the skin and it blends in evenly, softening the skin that tends to get coarse with age. Maintains hydration and provides a soft, plump and glowy skin with a silky smooth texture. By massaging it in, it relaxes the tension in the muscles and encourages the blood flow for a more energized skin. Doesn’t leave behind any greasiness after wiping off after use. Great for skin with visible pores, uneven textures, irritation, dryness and dullness. A calming scent of the gorgeous and feminine Green Floral fragrance. Infused with organic fragrants. Free of parabens. 

Review: I got a massage with this cream at an esthetic salon and I bought it because it felt so nice and made my skin soft. I use this whenever I have time or when my skin looks tired but on the days that I use it, my skin is never dry. While massaging it in, the cream turns into an oil consistency that glides well and only requires a small amount of pressure to massage. Because you wipe it off afterwards, it doesn’t leave the skin greasy. It smells nice too and it feels so relaxing whenever I use it♪ (♪ゆづmama☆♪ Age 32 Sensitive Skin) 


Volume/Price: 150ml 5,000 yen
A massage serum that creates smooth and firm skin with the refreshing and moisturizing gel that glides into every inch of the skin. The fresh gel spreads quickly on the skin, allowing a comfortable, cooling feeling while massaging. After wiping it off, it removes unwanted dead skin cells on the skin’s surface, leaving the skin feeling smooth and firm.

Review: This is the BEST COSME from this summer. All you have to do is put on this gel, lightly massage it in and press down with a tissue. It feels cooling and refreshing when you apply it and it leaves the skin silky smooth. I touch my cheeks and it felt cool all day, which was pretty incredible! Definitely one of my favorite products♪ (rin1026 51歳 乾燥肌)