Best Face Primer | @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2018

Introducing the【Best Face Primer】from @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2018!

1st: CEZANNE / Make Keep Base

Volume/Price: 30ml 600 yen

This makeup base is combined with Sebum Control ingredients to prevent makeup from smudging or creasing by sebum. It suppresses oily shine of the T zone and around the nose for long-lasting base makeup. The combined moisturizing ingredients will not dry out the skin and the refreshing, moisturizing feeling will last. The pink beige color will not appear white on the skin and naturally brightens the complexion. Waterproof type.

Review: My T zone is less oily now! Also my skin looks a lot brighter when I use this! (いせちゃん。 combination skin age 20)


Volume/Price: 30ml 3500 yen

All 3 shades. Revamped. This makeup primer has excellent skin care effects thanks to its serum ingredients, which help leave the skin clear, fresh, and smooth. Hydrating orange flower water and 5 natural plant ingredients are combined with 3 kinds of hyaluronic acid. It delivers thorough moisture to the skin while softly covering the complexion for a natural, dewy glow. SPF15 PA+ (01 and 02 only).

Review: This doesn’t make me look white and really blends with my skin. It feels really moisturizing, smells good and brightens my complexion (RFMK dry skin age 24)

3rd: CEZANNE / UV Ultra Fit Base N

Volume/Price: 680 yen
SPF 36 PA++.

Revamped. This high function makeup primer offers skincare effects, color corrects and covers pores. It smooths out pores and lets foundation adhere to the skin better. Tube type. Fragrance free, UV ray absorbent free. (SPF36 PA++)

Review: This spreads smoothly, makes my skin look brighter and let my foundation adhere better. You get a lot of product with this price and I’ve been buying this several times (こえみぶう normal skin age 38)