Best Face Wash | @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2018


Introducing the 【Best Face Wash】 from @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2018!

Bioré / Ouchi de Aesthe Smooth Massage Face Wash Gel

Winner: Bioré / Ouchi de Aesthe Smooth Massage Face Wash Gel

For those concerned with impurities in pores. “Pore Clear Formula” will decrease any stress on the skin. By massaging the face with the non foaming gel, it will melt impurities stuck in pores to remove them easier. It will remove any blackheads or darkened pores for pore-less, smooth skin. Fragrance of Relax Aroma.

➡️Review: This keeps my skin so clear! It keeps my skin super smooth, gets rid of any uneven surface around my nose or blackheads! (Tay.Tay combination skin age 20)

Obagi / ObagiC Wash Powder

Runner-up: Obagi / ObagiC Wash Powder

Face wash powder for pore-less, smooth skin with one cleanse. The double formulation of pure vitamin C and enzymes will remove black heads, roughness and skin dullness. This daily special care face wash will encourage the natural turnover of the skin and enhance the effects of later skin care products to its fullest.

➡️Review: This really made my skin super smooth. My pores tend to get clogged up a lot, but this enzyme face wash powder is a must-have (あみん258 combination skin age 42)

NIVEA / NIVEA Creme Care Face Wash (Moisturizing)

Third Place: NIVEA / NIVEA Creme Care Face Wash (Moisturizing)

Nivea cream ingredients (lanolin alcohol, glycerin) are combined in this “moisturizing face wash”. The fine lather will protect the moisture and gently cleanse the skin. Easy to rinse off for a moisturizing finish. Has a premium white floral scent.

➡️Review: It’s super moisturizing, doesn’t dry me out and smells really nice and makes really nice lather! (sa.28 combination skin age 24)