Best Face Wash | @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2019

Introducing the Best Face Wash today from @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2019!


Volume/Price: 30 Uses 1,800 JPY
Pre-sales available at convenience stores and drug stores from early April, 2019. A face washing powder that thoroughly cleanses the face while leaving behind plenty of moisture on the skin for a smooth, soft finish. The infused enzymes (protease), charcoal, and absorbing clay breaks down and removes impurities inside pores, blackheads and dead skin cells. Contains sugar, hyaluronic acid and the original amino acid cleansing component that cleanses the skin but still keeps the skin moisturized for a radiant complexion. Formulated to quickly and easily lather into a rich, fine and bouncy foam. *Deep Clear Washing Powder is sold in different packaging with the same formula depending on whether the product is sold at retail or corporate owned stores.
Review: The powder is very fine and it creates a really rich lather. It has cleansing power but doesn’t irritate my skin and isn’t drying so I can use this everyday. (スピードマスター Age 41 Combination Skin)

2nd: Bioré / Ouchi de Aesthe Massaging Facial Gel Cleanser (For clogged pore prone skin)

Volume/Price: 150g (Open Price)
For those concerned with impurities in pores. “Clogged Pore Clear Formula” is formulated to create minimum stress on the skin. By massaging the face with the non foaming gel, it will melt impurities stuck in pores for easy removal. It will remove any blackheads or darkened pores for pore-less, smooth skin. Fragrance of Relax Aroma.
Review: I just massage this into my skin and my face feels so smooth! It’s also working on my pores, they look smaller now (アンパンマンだ Age 38 Sensitive Skin)

3rd: ROSETTE / Rosette Cleansing Paste KAIDEI SMOOTH

Volume/Price: 30g 300 JPY / 120g 600 JPY
Face wash combined with “Kaidei” (sea clay) rich in mineral and botanical extracts for smooth skin without any blackheads. The delicate, rich lather containing sea clay powder will stick to impurities and unwanted sebum for easy removal, leading to smooth, porcelain skin. Skin tightening scent of Rose Fruit extract. Free of fragrance, color additive, or mineral oil.
Review: It’s worth the price, I like the texture and I’ve been using this for years. It removes all of the oil but doesn’t feel drying. A little goes a long way and I like how rich the lather is. The lather is a bit on the hard side. (犬かわいい Age 36 Combination Skin)