Best Lip Gloss | @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2018

Introducing the Best Lip Gloss from @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2018!


The sophisticated rouge color and gloss creates feminine, supple lips. By adding essence for a more watery texture, it creates delicate, beautiful color and plumps the lips with an ultimate shine like a veil of water on the lips. The technology in this formula keeps the liquid product in a stick type and will glide on even dry lips with a single coat, for a sheer, supple finish.

Review: It has lasting moisture and makes my lips super glossy. It has the perfect sheer touch of color and super cute (ひいひろ combination skin age 36)

2nd: clé de peau BEAUTÉ / RADIANT LIP GLOSS

Volume/Price: 7.5g / 4,000 yen
All 8 shades.

This lip gloss is bursting with moisture for a sophisticated, elegant look. The moisturizing gloss and the highly translucent, gentle pigmentation gives a vibrant look. It gives the lips a gentle shine with pearl shimmer that helps enhance the color of the lips. It also corrects uneven texture to promote smooth and plump lips.

Review: This makes my lips super juicy! It has shimmering pearls so it has an elegant glossy finish but doesn’t feel sticky (しゅ~~か oily skin age 34)

3rd: excel / LIP CARE OIL

Price: 1,400 yen

Treat rough lips with this beauty oil base formula & get juicy, tinted lips. Subtle lip tint formula. Combined with 7 naturally derived beauty oils such as argan oil and grapeseed oil. It creates a veil of oil and leads even chapped lips to smooth, plump lips. It reacts to the pH level of the lips, enhancing the natural color of your lips. Has a comfortably silky, non-sticky texture.

Review: The smooth oil texture glides on and feels really nice. It moisturizes and treats my lips perfectly! (るいぼす茶 normal skin age 27)