Best Lotion | @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2019

Introducing the Best Lotion today from @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2019!


Volume/Price: 180ml 2,500 JPY / 180ml 2,700 JPY
A moisturizing lotion that fully hydrates the skin with its rich but light texture. The water jelly consistency allows the product to instantly melt onto the skin and permeate to the stratum corenum. Finish off by pressing the product in with your hands for 5 seconds, to enhance the dewy glow from within the skin.

Review: The watery jelly texture is thick but soft. I take the lotion, spread it with my hands and when I blend it in, my skin just feels super moisturized. I have very dry skin and this takes care of that, too. Apparently it’s important to hand press for 5 seconds so I make sure to do that every time (^^)(ばどっち Age 45 Combination Skin)

2nd: naturie / SKIN CONDITIONER

Volume/Price: 500ml 650 JPY
A lotion to retain moisture and condition the skin with natural plant ingredient, hatomugi extract (moisturizing). The formula is rich and moisturizing but the texture is not sticky and blends smoothly with dry, rough areas of the skin. By overfilling the skin with moisture, it maintains flawless, smooth skin. It tightens and calms any hot flashes from sun exposure. Can be used for the face and body. Perfect for after showers or baths.

Review: This is really really good! I can use a lot of it every time because it’s so cheap. My skin is doing really good even when I get it checked out at the cosmetics counter and I keep on coming back to this. (きゃいり Age 23 Combination Skin)


Volume/Price: 200ml 4,000 JPY
This lotion forms a moisture veil on the skin to condition it with a refreshing sensation. With a formula combining hydrating ingredients like acetylate hyaluronic acid, which improves moisture delivery to the skin’s outer layer, this lotion keeps your skin hydrated all day. It conditions the moisture balance of both dry and oily skin, leaving you with fresh, smooth skin.

Review: When I use this, my breakouts calm down and my skin looks more clear. I feel like the pores around my nose are improving, too. (トワイエ Age 19 Sensitive Skin)