Best Oil & Balm | @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2019

Introducing the Best Oil & Balm today from @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2019!  

1st: IHADA / Medicated Balm

Volume/Price: 20g 1,350 yen (Added by @cosme editors)
Made with high purity petroleum jelly, vaseline, this balm melts with body temperature and adheres firmly. This balm protects the skin from external stimuli and seals in moisture. By forming a moisture protective film, it prevents dryness, irritation, and moisture from escaping for a healthy skin condition.

Review: I was hesitant about how oily it was going to be with vaseline, but this product was easy to use. I applied on the severely dry skin around my mouth and this balm made it so much better! The only thing is that my makeup tends to move around when I apply this underneath so I recommend using this product during the nighttime. (MImi.E Age 20 Sensitive Skin)

2nd: Bio-Oil / Bio Oil

Volume/Price: 25ml 700 yen / 60ml 1,600 yen / 125ml 2,800 yen / 200ml 3,600 yen
Contains four botanical extracts like lavender and chamomile, as well as vitamin A, E, etc,, and brand original PurCellin Oil that is absorbed quickly into the skin and smoothly permeates. Does not leave the skin sticky or greasy, but moisturizes thoroughly staying smooth and comfortable.

Review: I tried it after hearing it makes scars fade. I didn’t see instant results right away, but I feel like it’s gradually becoming lighter. It has a distinctive scent and I don’t hate it but it might not be everyone’s favorite. Because you can use it anywhere on the body, I also love putting it on my hair as well. (●みぃみぃ●★ Age 56, Normal Skin)

3rd: Sun White / Sun White P-1

【Sun White】
Volume/Price: 3g / 50g / 400g (open price)
High quality, 100% white vaseline that can be used for those with sensitive, dry skin as well as for babies. Apply on targeted areas such as the eyes and mouth, or layer a generous amount for more hydration. Free of fragrance, color additive or preservatives. Allergy tested.
Tube 50g / Bottle 400g. Both discretionary prices.

Review: It feels like my skin is being fully moisturized. Because it can even be used on babies, it was perfect for my sensitive skin. (ゆゆ1105012 Age 22 Dry Skin)