Best Powder Foundation | @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2019 Mid-Year New Products

Introducing the Best Powder Foundation today from @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2019 Mid-Year New Products!

1st: ESPRIQUE / Synchro Fit Pact UV

Product Description:
Volume/Price: 1 set (regular) 3,800 yen / 9.3g (refill) 2,800 yen / case 1,000 yen / limited 2,800 yen (researched by editorial dept.)
SPF26/PA++. 7 shades. No matter the skin condition, this powder foundation blends in and stays in place. A single application covers pores and uneven skin tone while leaving the skin looking naturally lovely. Kose’s newly developed Super Makeup Wear ingredients wrap around the skin without looking powdery, providing natural coverage that looks like your own skin. “Pure Skin Cover Powder” gives you translucent coverage, while “Pore Cover Powder” blurs away the pores for double coverage that camouflages imperfections like enlarged pores and dark spots on the skin. “Light Makeup Hold Powder” has a powerful affinity for the skin, creating coverage that lasts.

I’ve been using Esprique’s foundation from when I was in my early 20’s. I haven’t been too challenging with foundation because it’s always been perfect for me ^^ When I tried different brands, the foundation around my nose wouldn’t stay on but this doesn’t do that and has moderate coverage, too♪I always use this and CC cream together^^ (さなえどん☆ Age 33 Dry Skin)

2nd: IPSA / Powder Foundation N

Product Description:
Volume/Price: 1 set 6,000 yen / brush 1,000 yen / case 1,000 yen / refill 4,000 yen
SPF25/PA++. 6 types. This powder foundation gives the skin an airy, soft finish. Particles shaped like gold flakes form a light powder that does not directly contact the surface of the skin, so the skin never feels weighed down. It wears comfortably, without falling into the pores or creasing in fine lines. The soft coverage gives the skin an inner glow and a soft translucent finish. It also contains Long Staying Gel that prevents oily shine, creasing, oxidation, and uneven wear. Made with a combination of light and dark colours. The airy finish helps keep the complexion looking soft and smooth for hours.

In one word, this was the one for me! It was just perfect. I’ve always had problems with oily shine, and I changed my primer since it’s summer and decided to use this. I apply this with a brush, so I never end up applying too much. This has coverage but feels light and natural. I only touch it up lightly during the day and it just stays looking natural all day long. I think I’ll keep on using this for a while☆(なぎと Age 41 Dry Skin)


Product Description:
Volume/Price: 1 set 6,500 yen / 4.4g (primer) 2,500 yen / 6.2g (powder) 2,500 yen / compact 1,500 yen
SPF32/PA+++. Primer 1 shade/Powder 4 shades. This new compact concept uses powder over top of oil to create a nude veil that perfects the skin. The compact contains an oil-based primer and a powder in a single set. It creates a deep glow, with a fresh radiance that seems to come from within your bare skin. Despite its comfortable texture, it keeps the skin feeling moisturized. This is all you need to give the skin a dewy shine.

Review: I use sunscreen, then spread the balm type primer on the left, and then use the powder on the right. The balm blurs out my pores and lets the next powder slide on smoothly and really evens out my skin. What’s best about this is that it blurs out any wrinkles on my forehead and around my mouth and the pores on my cheeks. I used to think my skin still looked bad even when I had makeup on, but now it doesn’t bother me at all. It doesn’t have a lot of coverage but if you’re the type to want to hide your pores, I really really recommend this. If you have any redness around your nose or any acne scars, I recommend using a concealer, too. (メリー双子 Age 36 Sensitive Skin)