Best Serum & Booster | @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2018


Introducing the 【Best Serum & Booster】 from @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2018!

Melano CC / Medicated Intensive Anti-Spot Essence

Winner: Melano CC / Medicated Intensive Anti-Spot Essence

Revamped. Newly combined with moisturizing ingredient, Alpinia White. The active vitamin C and vitamin E derivative quickly absorb into the skin for clear skin. Also contains active ingredients to prevent acne and breakouts. Provides moisture to concerning acne scars. (quasi drug)

➡️Review: I was concerned about my age spots and bought this. I really like the subtle scent! I feel like my age spots are fading a little after using this continuously (さとあゆ・☆゚:*:゚ normal skin age 36)



This brightening serum uses a next-generation kojic acid formulation that eliminates dark age spots and leaves the skin bright and clear. It works by focusing on the melanosome that darken and eventually become age spots. It prevents the development of melanin and stops the production of melanosomes that form age spots. By increasing the number of under-developed melanosomes, it helps prevent freckles and age spots on the skin. It leaves the skin clear, radiant, and smooth. *The cause of age spots are the accumulation of melanin. (quasi drug)
➡️Review: I had a lot of freckles from too much sun but I feel like they’re fading a little now (*げんげん* combination skin age 27)

HAKU / Melano Focus V

Third Place: HAKU / Melano Focus V

This medicated whitening beauty serum revolutionizes the science of age spots prevention. It works on the cause to prevent the production of age spots, promoting bright and fair skin. Contains active whitening ingredients 4MSK (potassium 4-methoxysalicylate) and m-tranexamic acid. The smooth serum adheres to your skin tightly, delivering active brightening ingredients deep into the skin. It helps prevent dryness and skin irritation. For clear, bright, newborn skin. *Brightens the skin by suppressing the production of melanin to prevent age spots and freckles.

➡️Review: This felt really light on my skin and didn’t feel sticky. My skin looks brighter and more moisturized so my makeup adhered really well, too (**ぷみ** combination skin age 37)