Best Serum | @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2019 Mid-Year New Products

Introducing the Best Serum today from @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2019 Mid-Year New Products!

1st: Obagi / Obagi C25 Serum NEO

Product Description:
Volume/Price: 12ml 10,000 yen
Maximizing the potential of vitamin C, this serum helps fight signs of aging. Made with a process only a pharmaceutical company could use, it contains a high 25% concentration of vitamin C*. Gives mature skin 5 benefits by improving the appearance of pores, dark spots, firmness, texture, and fine lines. Contains essential oils with anti-aging benefits, with an enriched grapefruit fragrance. *Ascorbic acid (skin conditioning, moisturizing)

Review: This really works on my pores and brightening! My skin is doing really good! I have sentisive, combination skin and this is just perfect, I can never run out of this! (KNR. Age30 Sensitive Skin)

2nd: Dior / CAPTURE YOUTH Intense Rescue Age-Delay Revitalizing Oil-Serum

Product Description:
Volume/Price: 30ml 11,500 yen
This serum oil quickly delivers the nourishment of oil to the skin. Argan and tamanu oils promote the production of the skin’s natural oils and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier. The same iris extract used in the other Capture Youth products fights oxidation to reduce signs of aging. For hydrated, fully nourished, revitalized skin.

Review: I think this is perfect for anyone that doesn’t like a very oily texture. I couldn’t believe this had oil in the formula. It’s super refreshing and thick and spreads smoothly. I also love the smell. (●にのの● Age 30 Dry Skin)

3rd: COVERMARK / Moisture Charge Serum

Product Description:
Volume/Price: 40ml 9,000 yen
This booster serum can be used after washing the face to improve makeup wear and skin condition. Boosts the penetration of skin care products used afterwards. Instantly refines the skin and conditions the outer layer of the skin, which helps protect the skin from damage and keep the natural skin stable. The proprietary ingredient “Chitosan Spread Gel” acts on both the upper and lower levels of the stratum corneum. Can be used any time to recharge moisture and smooth the skin.

This serum conditions the skin and overall strengthens the skin. The texture is very refreshing, absorbs quickly and has a great citrus like scent. I gently pat my face after applying this and you really need to do this step! I’ve been using this twice a day, in the morning and at night for 3 weeks and I have less breakouts now. (75 Age 28 Normal Skin)