Best Serum | @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2019

Introducing the Best Serum today from @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2019!


Volume/Price: 50ml 4,000 yen
This moisturizing serum is designed for sensitive, dry, and inner dry skin. The combined human ceramide will restore moisture and lead to hydrated, refined skin. Contains no silicone, petroleum surfactants, mineral oil, parabens, artificial fragrance, or color additives. Patch-tested.

Review: I tried out with a starter kit and I really liked this serum and bought it. It’s moisturizing and smells really really nice. It’s super relaxing and I love to use this every night. (しろくろまる Age 35 Dry Skin)

2nd: Obagi / Obagi C25 Serum NEO

Volume/Price: 12ml 10,000 yen
Maximizing the potential of vitamin C, this serum helps fight signs of aging. Formulated with a process only a pharmaceutical company could possibly realize, it contains a high 25% concentration of vitamin C*. Gives mature skin 5 benefits by improving the appearance of pores, hyperpigmentation, firmness, texture, and fine lines. Contains essential oils with aging-care benefits, with an Enriched Grapefruit fragrance. *Ascorbic acid (skin conditioning, moisturizing ingredient)

Review: This is just amazing. Once it goes on my skin, it blends in and just retains this glow and firms my skin. It’s also brightening and my skin dullness just went away. It makes sense that it’s so expensive… (●ばいそん● Age 26 Oily Skin)

3rd: Melano CC / Medicated Intensive Anti-Spot Essence

【Melano CC】
Volume/Price: 20ml 1,180 yen (researched by editorial dept.)
Revamped. Newly combined with moisturizing ingredient, Alpinia White. The active vitamin C and vitamin E derivative quickly absorb into the skin for clear skin. Also contains active ingredients to prevent acne and breakouts. Provides moisture to concerning acne scars. (quasi drug)

Review: I just love this. I use about 8 to droplets after using lotion in the morning on my whole face. It instantly moisturizes my skin and my face sticks to my hand because of the moisture. It tightens my pores, firms my face and my makeup goes on like a dream. Definitely worth trying out. (ladyzuzu Age 30 Combination Skin)