Best Sunscreen | @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2019

Introducing the Best Sunscreen today from @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2019! 

1st: ANESSA/ Perfect UV Skincare Milk

Volume/Price: 20ml 1,200 yen / 60ml 3,000 yen (researched by editorial dept.)

SPF50+ PA++++ The most powerful UV sunscreen with over 50% of skin care ingredients. This sunscreen becomes even more effective when in contact with sweat and water. A face and body sunscreen with Aqua Booster EX technology and can be easily removed with soap. A super waterproof formula, tested over 80 minutes underwater for durability. Most powerful with SPF50+・PA++++ properties and also for its waterproof effect out of the ANESSA series.

Review: I use this mainly on my face and it doesn’t feel sticky at all!! Also it really changes my skin haha Make my skin super smooth and I can layer makeup over this. (えむえいち Age 23 Normal Skin)

2nd: Bioré/ Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence

Volume/Price: 50g (Open Price)

SPF50+PA++++ Revamped. A sunscreen with a water-based formula that provides high protection against UV rays with a lightweight, comfortable wear. Infused with the Kao’s independent Micro Defense technology that prevents any micro level spaces that emerged with volatilization. Having strong UV shielding properties, it still maintains a fresh and light formulation. Easily blendable and feels comfortable on the skin even after layering, while preventing any micro level spaces and uneven application to thoroughly protect the skin everyday. This watery essence blends seamlessly on the skin for a luminous glow that doesn’t leave a white cast. Can be applied as a makeup primer. A gentle, white muguet fragrance.

Review: I use this on my body. At first I was taken bac by how light this felt with such high SPF and PA. Even when I layer this on, it doesn’t feel sticky at all, staying super smooth and comfortable on my skin. It doesn’t dry my skin out so I use this in the winter, too. This is a susncreen I love for the whole year round. (misa☆・☆゚:*:゚ Age 33 Sensitive Skin)


Volume/Price: 80g 740 yen (researched by editorial dept.)

SPF50+ PA++++ A lavender shade UV essence for clear, dewy skin. The lavender shade will brighten the skin for a filtered, photogenic complexion. Combined delicate Strobe Pearls*1 glisten blue in under the sun and light. The skin will glow and become dewy with more sunlight. Super waterproof. Can be removed with soap. Has a savon (soap) scent. *1: Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Titanium Dioxide, Tin Dioxide”

Review: I’ve been using this for over 2 years. The lavender shade brightens my skin and the formula stays super smooth. I use this on my body and as a primer before my foundation., It makes my skin look better and I can’t live without this!(Aji8120 Age 35 Combination Skin)