Grand Prize & Hall of Fame | @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2018

The winner of THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2018 is Opera Lip Tint, and this is the second time Opera Lip Tint in a row after winning Grand Prize in 2017.

Runner-up: excel SKINNY RICH SHADOW


Photo by Shin Igarashi


This lip cordial is a combination of 3 different textures (Rouge x Tint ÷ Oil). A single application leaves the lips vividly colored, with a semi-matte shine and pure color. The tint formula gives the lips a natural blushed color that does not wear off. It glides over the lips without feeling sticky at all.

Review: This applies super smooth and the glossy finish is so pretty! It lasts long, too! The price point is perfect and it makes me want the other shades! (★みちち★ normal skin age 26)


Apply the 4 eyeshadow shades in order for a rich, beautiful gradation. The moisturizing formula glides on and adheres tightly to the eyelids. The elegant shimmering pearl pigments and gold pearl pigments promote elegant glam. The shades are perfect for daily use and leads to beautiful eye makeup.

Review: The powder formula is moisturizing and has the perfect amount of shimmer. I can use it for work or on my day-offs and the sponge tip is easy to apply with (kumicoro combinatio skin age 29)


A powerful cleansing oil with high cleansing abilities and moisture retention. Now even better to firmly remove impurities in pores. The oil is excellent in melting away impurities stuck in pores, treating sagging, open pores on dry skin, leading to a smooth skin surface. Extends smoothly and blends thoroughly with makeup. The oil scatters and can be washed off quickly, minimizing any rubbing on the skin. It leaves enough moisture necessary for the skin and will not dry the skin out. It also minimizes the appearance of fine lines caused by dryness. (Efficacy tested)

Review: This removes my makeup swiftly, cleans out my pores, and doesn’t dry my skin out, I love this so much! (anna*mama dry skin age 27)


Introducing three items out of a total 16 items from the “Hall of Fame” of @cosme THE BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2018

SABON / Body Scrub Patchouli Lavender Vanilla

MAQuillAGE / Snow Beauty Whitening Face Powder

Medicated whitening skin care powder leads to skin that is pure, delicate and clear as snow. Use as setting powder in the morning and skin care at night, for 24 hour protection. Active whitening ingredient, “m-tranexamic acid*” will suppress the generation of melanin, preventing age spots and freckles. Set with 2 puffs for using as setting powder and skin care. (tranexamic acid will suppress the generation of melanin, preventing age spots and freckles)

Review: The case is so cute! It makes me happy just carrying it around. I like how smooth this makes my skin feel, and my makeup stays put (jill_saki combination skin age 30)

SABON / Body Scrub Patchouli Lavender Vanilla

SABON / Body Scrub Patchouli Lavender Vanilla

This skin scrub contains a base of Dead Sea salt with natural oils such as almond, jojoba, and borage to moisturize and exfoliate to leave the skin silky smooth. Massage with this scrub to reveal brighter, firmer skin.

Review: This makes my skin super moisturized, and the rough skin around my elbow, knees and heels feel super smooth (☆凡☆ normal skin age 49)

MINON / Amino Moist Moist Charge Milk

MINON / Amino Moist Moist Charge Milk
The formula spreads smoothly, blending with the skin and trapping in moisture. The creamy, rich texture will not feel sticky and thoroughly moisturize dry, rough skin. It leads to soft, supple skin.

Review: It has such a rich, moisturizing formula but really sinks into my skin and doesn’t end up making my face look really oily! But when I touch my face, it feels super supple (momose. combination skin age 26)