#atcosmereviewmy | Must-have Korean Beauty Products in Dora Tin’s List

When you are having an important day, it is crucial to have a good night sleep the day before to achieve a fresh look. The least thing you might want to have is getting your make up cracked all over your face and worst, patchy, due to dry and flaky skin! The worst nightmares ever!

In order to achieve a glowy look, your skins need to be well hydrated for the makeup products to stick better and give you a flawless makeup look. So, it is important to prep your skin and never goes straight to makeup especially when you just use products with AHA/BHA the day before!

Here are four Korean skincare products that are rich with natural ingredients to hydrate your skin and help you to prepare your skin better!

  1. BENTON Snail Bee Ultimate Hydrogel Eye Patch

Ratings: 6.5/ 7


When it comes to eyes area that is known to be sensitive, I can be really fussy of what to put and what not to put. I’m glad that Benton’s eye patch is derived mostly with healthy ingredients where it does not contain PEGs, silicon or other harmful ingredients compare to some cheap eye patches in the market. It makes me feel more confident to use it! It is an eco-friendly product with naturally derived water-soluble eye patches. As a biologist, this one deserves a bonus point because it is bio-degradable and made up of seaweed!

It can also be used as body mist so nothing will go to waste! Just put it in the mist bottle and add some lukewarm water and shake! It is really refreshing on the skin, I can feel a light jelly-like soothing texture protecting my skin from the scorching hot sun! I stored the eye patches inside the fridge and love the instant soothing and cooling sensation it gave to my under eyes after a few days of a sleepless night. It got lots of essences and mild refreshing scent that is almost unnoticeable. My under eyes look more alive and tighten a little bit after each use and wrinkles slightly improved.

It comes with a spatula which makes the application easier and more hygienic! You can also use it on your smile lines area or any area of concern. I was confused on how to apply the eye patches at first, but I found out it depends on your concern, so my cheek bone was badly sensitized from the retinol use, and this baby help me a lot to soothe it! My only complaint is that it glides down during application if you don’t lie down as it got lots of essence and made up of sea weed. Double masking can help the eye patches stay still. Lie down and enjoy a relaxing day masking with some good classical music or any relaxing songs of your choice or just simply toss the excess essence for better adherence before applying the eye patches and you’re good to go!


G9SKIN Bulgarian Rose Hydrogel Essence

Ratings: 6.0/7


This product comes in a pretty in pink plastic packaging with a hygienic pump head that is also travel-friendly! I enjoy the mild rose scent, for me, the scent is really therapeutic and helps me to relax though I’m not really a fan of rose scent.  It contains fresh damask rose extract to help adjust skin balance and achieve radiant skin.  It is packed with 9 kinds of berry extracts and hyaluronic acids which make my skin plump after each application. The consistency is very liquidy but slightly thicker than water, which makes it easier to absorb into the skin with no tackiness.


I love the combo of the essence and the cream, if my skin is in its normal state and it would be enough to give me hydration and radiance. I got no irritation or break out. However, people with super dry skin will need to add up something else for an extra kick of hydration as this one would not be enough. Here is some extra tip! Close your eyes and take a deep breath while applying this essence gently on your face, it kind of helps me to relax, it might help you to relax if you are nervous too. I believe it would work best for people with normal-oily skin condition if you’re interested in it!

LANEIGE Cream Skin Refiner

Rating: 6.3/7


 If you’re a fan of green tea, you might fall in love with this new Cream Skin Refiner from Laneige. Made up of White Tea Leaf water, it has much greater amino acid content than ordinary green tea that helps to moisturize, soothe, and strengthen the skin barrier which is important in achieving a healthy skin condition. Cream Blending Technology is created through 19-years intensive research by AMOREPACIFIC, where it combines the fresh texture of a toner and moisturizing power of a cream in a single bottle which makes it unique. This powerful creamy skin formula will satisfy your skin’s hydration needs at the very first step of your skincare routine.

It has a very mild creamy scent and a silky watery consistency that absorbs into skin, lock the moisture and make my skin supple almost immediately! I was lucky that it came just at the right time where my skin was severely dry from the use of retinol. I use 2-3 layers of it followed by my normal skincare routine and it is enough to keep the dryness away. I could say it’s my retinol’s best friend now! When my skin is back to normal I limit the use of it to one layer especially when I want to go out. I find that Malaysia’s hot and humid weather would make my skin a little bit uncomfortable if I use more than that because it tend to be oily. I believe this product would work best in cold and dry climate area/air-conditioned room.


Price wise, it can be considered expensive but I believe it is a good investment because you just need a little for each application. This 50 ml would last me until 2 months considering how I use it according to my skin condition. It has quite a short list of ingredients which is great, less work if you need to check whether the ingredients suit your skin or not! I will recommend this to those with dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin cause it didn’t sting my sensitized skin like some product did. You can make toner mask with cotton pads on the desired area that needs extra care, for instant soothing and moisturizing effect on the skin. It’s a little bit tricky if you have oily skin, but just use it once at night and I think you’re good to go. Overall, I love the refreshing idea of this cream skin refiner and its performance, I would definitely purchase it if it’s on sales.


HARUHARU Wonder Honey Green Aqua Bomb Cream

Rating: 6.8/7


I enjoy the pretty and travel-friendly packaging. This cream has lovely relaxing scent, smells like green tea and honey; sweet and lowkey herb-y. It has anti-inflammatory ingredients; Fermented Green Tea and Honey, which are both loved by my skin. The lightweight gel-like serum absorb fast into skin, leaving hydrated supple skin with NO tackiness. I just found out that the fermentation process of the ingredients, making it easier for the skin to absorb because the particle is smaller! Irritated skin who? I don’t know you. My skin is definitely a lot calmer and it is pores-friendly lol, I sometimes have a problem with moisturizer giving me whiteheads and this one didn’t at all.

It did not give that hot feeling when you slather on the face, I had this experience with Simple’s moisturizer sometimes. My only complaint is that it has slightly high price point; but considering I almost use this for 1 month, I might consider it as a good investment (RM59/38g). Other than that, it might not give enough hydration when use alone especially for those with dry skin; you might need an occlusive cream to seal everything. I will recommend it for people that love long skincare routine because it is really lightweight. It is also suitable for ALL skin type; OILY skin peeps will love this. It is great for hot weather and if you don’t like some tackiness left by any product you slap on your face, apply this! It will even out everything and leave your skin feeling clean and fresh. Perfect to prep your skin before you do your make up!