Say Bye-bye to Dull & Dry Skin with @Cosme Nippon Root Vegetable Face Mask

Recently, I got to try the newly launched @Cosme Nippon Root Vegetable Face Mask. My resolution for the rest of the year is to mask as often as I can so these came right on time. Now, most sheet masks in the market are made with fruit extracts but it’s rare that a mask is made with… root vegetables? 🤔

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The @Cosme Nippon Root Vegetable Face Mask is a 5-minute daily mask that contains serum from root vegetables found in different Japanese prefectures. Each of these 7 face mask variants are developed to target different skin types – dry, combination and oily.

I have combination + dry skin, meaning that my T-zone is usually oily but my cheek areas are drier. The 3 masks that I tried out are mainly for dry skin (Sweet Potato) and combination skin (Carrot), but I’ve also chosen the Burdock mask, which is more for oily skin and to reduce blackheads.

I masked every day for 7 days straight. I should note that I alternated between the 3 different masks daily and perhaps the effects would be more obvious if you stuck to using the whole pack daily before switching to the next one. There are 10 sheets in a pack so these 3 packs should last me for a month. One thing about Japanese masks is that they are packed in a convenient resealable bag and it encourages you to finish using the mask as soon as possible. It also means reduced packaging, something I love as it’s more ecofriendly!

As you can see, the sheet mask is made of a moderately thick cloth material. Like most Japanese masks, it is not completely “wet” or soaked in serum/ lotion.

The first mask I tried out was the Annou Sweet Potato Mask to treat dryness and dry skin. I had just returned from Australia and my skin craved deep hydration as the air is much drier Down Under. Annou sweet potato from the Kumamoto prefecture also claims to help prevent breakouts and lead to naturally firm skin.

The next day, I tried the Okinawan Carrot Mask that promises to retain moisture and reduce sagging pores to achieve the flawless glass skin effect. Of course, don’t expect it to take effect after just one mask, I still believe a consistent skincare routine would help you achieve your ideal skin sooner.

Lastly, I tried the Nara Udakin Burdock Mask from the Nara prefecture to remove blackhead and achieve naturally smooth skin. Now, most masks only help to moisturize and firm up the skin but not remove blackheads, so I was super excited to try this!

I expected the mask to be smaller like other Japanese face masks that I’ve tried, but the size was slightly bigger. By not being completely soaked like other masks, the serum is adequately and quickly delivered into the skin and is indeed perfect for a quick 5-minute masking every night – you have no excuse to not do it! The mask is also odorless and does not contain alcohol, so it’s very gentle on the skin.

After 5 minutes, remove the mask and pat the essence into the skin. I don’t like wastage, so I also applied the mask on my neck to soak up the remaining essence.

The effects right after using – my skin is visibly brighter and moisturized. No edits here!

The most notable effect is the instant hydration in just FIVE minutes! See how super dry my skin was before using >< After just applying one sheet mask, my skin instantly became more moisturized.

I can’t wait to continue using the mask for the rest of the month and hope it delivers all the effects as promised. For a price of RM39.90 per pack of 10 sheets, the @Cosme Nippon Root Vegetables Face Mask is not expensive at all (around RM4 per mask per day) and is something worth trying if you’re in search of simple and effective Japanese quality sheet masks!