Silcot Cotton Puff Showdown! Which Puff is Right For You?

I’ve always seen people buy boxes of these Silcot cotton pads back from Japan when they travel there, and I always wonder, what’s so special about these cotton pads? I mean, they’re just like any other cotton sheets that you use once and throw away right?

Boy, was I wrong.

I will be sharing about 3 of these Silcot cotton pad variants from Unicharm – the function, the material and the differences.

First off, these cotton pads come in nicely packaged paper boxes unlike those bulk cotton pads you get from drugstore that come in a huge plastic bag. All the boxes have a corrugated area so you can open it easily. Mostly Japanese words are found on the packaging, but for those that we buy in Malaysia, there will be a sticker in English at the back for your easy reference.

As you can see, each cotton pad looks quite different, but how about the usage?

Silcot Silky Touch Cotton Puffs (Regular Puffs)

The Silcot Silky Touch Cotton Puff is perhaps the most affordable in the range with a total of 82  puffs in a box. This rectangular cotton pad has a unique design whereby it feels thicker and fluffier than normal cotton pads, and the edges are “sewn”.

This cotton puff claims to leave no fibre on the skin. If you turn the cotton puff around, you will find why this claim rings true. It turns out that there’s a pocket and it is filled with actual soft and fluffy cotton! Since the cotton fibres are enclosed in this pocket already, only the outer material will be in contact with your skin when you use it and no fibres will get on your skin, thus reducing the tugging motion.

Silcot Soft Touch Premium Cotton

The more premium range of Silcot cotton pads is the Soft Touch Premium Cotton, made with 100% natural cotton and contains a unique moisturizing ingredient. Do note that the moisturizing ingredient is added to the COTTON and will have no effect on the skin. This ingredient is what helps this cotton stay fluffy, light and moist, as it absorbs the moisture in the air. This range has a slightly different shape. It is rectangular with rounded corners, and does not have a “pocket” behind it. In terms of size, these pads are bigger than the regular ones. There are 66 pieces of cotton puffs in this box.

See how it looks inside for these 2 variants! The cotton pads are nicely and neatly arranged inside the box so it’s easier to take them out.

Silcot Organic Uru Uru Cotton Puffs

At first glance, the Silcot Organic Uru Uru Cotton Puff already looks a step above the rest. As you can tell, the box is flatter and the puffs are arranged in a different way – they are flatter, slightly bigger and come in pieces of 2, with a perforation or dotted line in the middle so you can separate it.  This comes in a box of 36 pads and retails at a slightly higher price compared to the other ranges.

Look closely and you will see that this cotton pad has floral prints on the edges, very elegant and intricate for a cotton puff! The cotton is made with 100% organic cotton material on the surface which is suitable for removing makeup, and uses Uru Uru sponge material on the inside that is good for patting down toner. What’s unique about Uru Uru is that it actually reverses the toner efficiently back into the skin, and is not “soaked up” by the cotton itself. Silcot Organic Uru Uru Cotton Puff is so soft that it is safe for use on sensitive skin and even babies.

I recently learnt that the reason why this cotton pad is oddly curved shape is because it makes it easier for undereye applications! How thoughtful is that, they put so much detail into a piece of cotton pad! Also, the reason this cotton pad is flatter is because it helps to save on toner usage of up to 50%, since the toner gets absorbed back into the skin. So you actually don’t really need to use as much as if you were to use a regular fluffy cotton pad.

If you ask me, I personally prefer the Silcot Regular Cotton Puff to the rest. I find it softer and gentler on the skin! It also helps to remove makeup quite well. Yes, the Soft Touch Premium Cotton claims to be softer but the Silky Touch Cotton Puff is really good value for money. For toner, it is true that the Organic Uru Uru Cotton Puffs are better, thanks to its shape. But for the price and quantity, it may be a little wasteful since it’s only for one-time use.

I hope this review has been helpful to you. I never knew that cotton pads could be so innovative! Now that I’ve tried the Silcot range, I don’t think I’ll be going back to using regular cotton pads that always leave fibres on my skin again!