Souffle-soft Skin with KOSE Sekkisei Essential Souffle

If soft, hydrated and fair skin is what you want, then the KOSE Sekkisei Essential Souffle is the solution in a bottle for you. Formulated with SEKKISEI’s original Japanese technology and a luxurious blend of Asian plant extracts such as traditional Shiunko, Lithospermum (an indigenous root extract from Japan) and sesame oil, this product, which is a combination of an essence and emulsion, claims to make your skin resilient to the harsh environment and become smoother and more luminous.

The bottle design is simple yet sleek. It comes in a pump design, so it’s more hygienic for you to dispense the product inside. 1 to 2 pumps are sufficient for your skin to get the daily moisture you need. You can apply this emulsion with your hands or using a cotton pad.

The white liquid is thick and smells really fragrant! I expected it to smell herbal-like, but instead it has a soothing fragrance. I personally prefer products with less fragrance, but this is acceptable. The best part about this product is once you apply it, there is no sticky feeling at all! It feels so refreshing. This is because the Sekkisei Essential Souffle has a unique technology that forms two effective layers – one is a Souffle Sensation Oil Layer for smoothness and a Hydration Supply Oil Layer to lock in the moisture for lasting hydration. This way, the oil and moisture levels in your skin is balanced as well.

After using this product for two weeks, my skin indeed feels softer and plumper. While it hasn’t reduced my acne marks and bumps for ultimate smoothness, I realised that I’ve actually gotten fairer! Now I’ve gotta make sure I apply this emulsion on my neck too so that I don’t have uneven skin tone. My favourite part is how lightweight the emulsion is and it gets absorbed really well into the skin – it feels like a great pick-me-up on dull skin days!